So, what’s everybody up to this Halloween weekend? We’ll be heading to ANTS Halloween takeover at Manchester’s The Warehouse Project and we we’re lucky enough to catch up with DJs Olli Ryder & Luke Welsh, who’ll be playing this Saturday, to tell us a bit more about their relationship with WHP and what we can expect from them both during this weekends party night!

How did you both meet and how would you best describe your relationship?

The two of us actually went to the same school so the face recognition dates back 10+ years but a side from the odd nut meg on the playground not much was said. It was via mutual friends from school that we ended up going to the same parties and then eventually Ibiza together, from there we just clicked, the rest is currently being written.

We’re definitely very lucky to have the relationship we do, when you sit next to someone in the office for 5 days then spend the full weekend with them and come Monday we’re back again pushing each other, we definitely bring the best out of each other.

How did your association with Warehouse Project come around?

A door was opened for us and we seized the opportunity with both hands, hard work and determination is something we preach on a daily basis. We work for the biggest UK events, it’s what gets you out of bed with a smile on your face. We’re very privileged to have the platform we do and we’ll never take that for granted.

Your’e both making your name known in the DJ world, how would you both describe your sound?

We’re trying our best to make an imprint, when we’re given the opportunities to perform on the bigger platforms we’re making people dance and that’s what it’s about, the feeling of getting a big crowd going is something that will never get old. In terms of sound we’re deep into our rollers, translating the music on sound with a splash of minimal on top. Our forthcoming production mixes the bridge, we’re really excited to get it into the airwaves

What can people expect from your set on Saturday?

Lots of energy, some new music from ourselves and a belting fancy dress. Last year we closed out Elrow dressed as Kevin & Perry so it’s a tough one to beat but we’re quietly confident it won’t disappoint.

What are you both up to for the rest of the year?

In terms of music and DJ’ing just remaining focused, as mentioned previously production is where a lot of energy is necessary. We’re also in the process of setting up our label ‘Libero Records’ with a couple of close friends Mike Morrissey and Dan Costello so it’s an exciting time for us. As well as our remaining WHP shows we’ve got a few gigs up and down the country which we’re looking forward to, we head to Sunderland and Coventry in the next few weeks.

Are you playing at any Christmas / NYE events ?

We’ve got a couple of shows that are yet to be announced that we’re really excited about, it’s going to be a very Merry Christmas. – find out more information here.

You can find out more info on upcoming WHP events at


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