We sat down with previous X-Factor contestants Reggie n Bollie to talk about their brand new album, how life has changed since the show, fashion and much more.

How did you two meet?

Reggie: We’ve known each other for a long time. We first met back in Ghana when we were both solo artists. We had mutual respect for each other but we became closer friends once here in UK.

How long have you been playing as a duo?

Bollie: We’ve been a duo for the past 5 years.

What’s the best thing about playing and touring as a duo?

Reggie: We are best friends so the best thing is the fact that we can rely on each other a lot. It does get very busy and sometime stressful on the road but we are able to bounce off each others energy to keep us going.

Who is the serious one and who is the joker?

Bollie: We are both very serious but know when to have a banter.

What 3 artists did you had on your playlist growing up?

Bollie: Chaka Demus and Pliers, Beenie Man, Shaggy.

Reggie: Jay Z, Beenie Man and Bob Marley.

If you could collaborate with any artiste past or present who would it be?

Reggie: Bob Marley

Bollie: Shaggy

What song have you got on repeat at the moment?

Bollie: Tchikita by Jul

Reggie: Lemon by NERD & Rihanna

What has been your 2017 highlight?

Bollie: Doing a commentary for a horse race event.

Reggie: Releasing a song and shooting a video with a legend like Beenie Man.

What’s your career highlight?

Bollie: Being able to release a 16 tracks album independently.

Reggie: Winning the “Best UK Music Artist” at the 2017 IARA Awards

Where and when was your most memorable performance and why?

Bollie: Performing in Malta On New Years Eve. The amount of love we got there was amazing  and it surely did boost our confidence.

How do u spend your down time?

Bollie: I Spend time with the family as their always a source of joy and blessing no matter what.

Reggie: Same, love spending time with my family  and read a lot. I love to keep myself motivated all the time so I always make it a point to watch motivational and inspiring videos.

You have just released your Album Uncommon Favours how proud are you of this Album?

Reggie: We are super proud of this album as it sums up our journey so far good times down times etc and to be able to pull it of our own back makes us feel we’ve achieved something great.

How long did it take to finish?

Bollie: It took us about 1 year and a half to complete. We had recorded so many songs during this period it was really hard to shortlist.

Favourite tracks on the Album?

Bollie: Good vibes , Going down there, Bumaye, On the floor, Advise me and Toast n Party.

Reggie: I would say, Advise me as it is one of the realest songs I have written in the album. It is a true representation of how I felt and still feel. Also love Dreams, Good Vibes and pretty much every single track on the album.

Favourite track to perform live?

Bollie: Bumaye

Reggie: On The Floor

Are you guys touring soon?

Reggie: Yes we are definitely planning a tour early/mid next year.

If it wasn’t Music I’d be?

Bollie: An Actor

Reggie: A Charted Accountant

Favorite film and TV series?

Bolllie: Film – Breathe and favourite tv series is Catfish

Reggie:  The Equaliser by Denzel Washington and Game of Thrones

Drink of choice on a night out?

Bollie: Jack daniels with coke

Reggie: JD & Coke

Describe your style and fashion?

Bollie: cool, trendy and colourful.

Reggie: Urban Classy with swag.

Who is you biggest style inspiration?

Bollie: Chris Brown but i do try to create my own swag lol

Reggie: I like Chris’ style a lot and Kanye’s ability to make any casual outfit look cooler by just adding accessories.

How do u guys spend Christmas?

Bollie: We stay home with the family, eat lots of food and open lots of presents. It’s all about the kids on Christmas so we do have loads of games and watch Christmas movies.

Are u an organised or a last minute present buyer?

Bollie: I am an organised present buyer

Reggie: I am definitely a last minute one.

Whats your New years Resolution?

Reggie: To keep working hard to better myself as a person, stay focused and work hard for my family.

Bollie: To be blessed with strength and more healthy life. Be able to grow and do more great business. Be able to achieve more greatness with our music and make our mark internationally.

Thanks for chatting to us guys!


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