Marvel fans, it’s time to lose your shit and meet Cable. The latest trailer for the new Deadpool movie introduces the new bad guy hitting our screens later this year.

The trailer opens up very dramatically and full of tension, then in true Deadpool fashion, the atmosphere is comically ruined by the hero playing with two actions figures battling it out on a home-made set. We then pick up where we left off, before being interrupted by Deadpool, seeing Cable take on a S.W.A.T team, and a whole punch of character cameos kicking ass!

It comes a day after Ryan Reynolds unveiled a flashy Deadpool 2 poster yesterday on his social channels and it’s safe to say the spark that the first Deadpool started back in 2016 has been reignited.

The film is released in cinemas may 18th so until then, enjoy the second fix of Deadpool:


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