With more and more TV series dropping week after week, it’s getting harder and harder to choose which to dedicate your time sat in front of the TV, ignoring all due assignments, job tasks and socialising in general to become entwined with a show that turns you into a binge watching creature of the covers.

The endless scrolling through Netflix’s recommendations has become one of the most tedious tasks of the 21st Century and finding the perfect series is next to impossible. I mean, you could ask your mate or some people from work, but the iconic “do you know any good series to watch?” question just doesn’t get the response you desperately want – I usually just act a little bit interested, pretend to write down the name of the series, then completely forget what it’s called five minutes later.

The Sinner

Not just your average trip to the beach; Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel) loses her mind during a family vacation, which leads her to commit a public act of violence, with no explanation as to why. The detective assigned to the event works hard to get deep into her psyche to uncover the violent past of Cora Tanneti, while chasing away some demons of his own. A fantastic psychological thriller with plenty of twits and turns to keep you hooked.

Manhunt: Unabomber

With never before used methods to help assist the hunt for the unidentified ‘Unabomber’, Sam Bentley becomes obsessed with catching the terrorist. But, will his work blow up in his face? A clever series based on true events that will have you questioning every episode and saying “hell yes” when asked to continue watching.

End of the F*cking World

One of the most recent Netflix original series to join the list, End OF The F*cking World follows two socially inept teenagers as they run away from home in the classic aim to get out of their boring home town. But as one of them has the secret intention to find their Dad, the other has other ideas.

Dirty Money

Do you want some “Are you serious?” moments? The Dirty Money is the one for you. The six episode series follows various scandals which uncovers some of the biggest money making schemes ever committed.

Black Mirror

If you’ve not seen or even heard of Black Mirror, it’s safe to say you’ve been living under a rock! The independent episodes delves into the darkest territories of social media and technology – and how they will ultimately lead to the demise of society, as we know. It. Is. A. Must. Watch!

The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story 

This star-studded series unravels the trial of O.J ‘The Juice’ Simpson, following the murder of his ex-wife and new lover. Based on a true story, the episodes are everything from spine chilling to anger-provoking. It follows side story’s from the individuals that got caught up in the media storm surrounding the investigation, including Robert Kardashian, who stood as O.J’s defence attorney.

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