As news spreads around the globe about the recent engagement of prince Harry and his American sweetheart, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favourite prince harry moments.

The Time He Met Kanye & P Diddy

The three royalties of different measures linked up at Wembley Arena at the after show of Dian’s Concert. The trio posed for photos and shared stories. I would love to listen to that conversation.

The Time His Bromance With Obama Blossomed 

The two were seen laughing and joking, sitting court-side at the wheelchair basketball as the USA took on France at the 2017 Invictus Games.

The Time He Beat Usain Bolt

During his visit to Jamaica back in 2012, the prince managed beat the world’s fastest man in a head to head race. Yes, Bolt let him win but still, it made us laugh.

The Time He Launched The Invictus Games 

Speaking of the Invictus Games, this blog would be wasted without mentioning the Prince’s incredible work in funding the Paralympic-style competition for injured servicemen, service women and verterans in 2014, and says he hopes to expand the games in the future, saying “the sky’s the limit”. Huge respect Harry!

The Time He Was The World’s Biggest Third Wheel 

This last point isn’t a single time we’ve respected Harry, it’s gone on for a while. Now, we all know how painstaking and cringe worthy being a third wheel is, but imagine doing it on a global scale where instead of you Grandma looking at your brother with his girlfriend and family events, turning to you with a look of concern and disappointment asking “oh when are you going to find a nice girlfriend?”, it’s the whole world! Again, huge respect Harry for taking it on the chin with all the events you’ve had to sit next to you the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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