Foo Fighters are back with a surprise new track and corresponding video, which sees the band run riot in a retirement home, proving you’re never too old to rock out!

The video, directed by front man Dave Grohl, takes place in an old people’s home, where the now aged Foo Fighters play for the residents. The lifeless environment takes a turn when one of the retirees climbs up an altar, before jumping off and sending the room into a rage filled frenzy; attacking staff, breaking out of the home and even throwing down a Thriller-esque dance at the end.

Since the band went on hiatus back in 2014, fans were led to believe the worst. But with the release of their 2016 Saint Cecilia EP and now their new single Run, we’re praying that the band are back for good.

The song showcases what the band does best; starting with a soft, suspense building intro which eventually breaks into a head banging, mosh pit starting section. Oh Foo Fighters, we have missed you!

Let’s hope this release is the start of the follow up album to 2014’s Sonic Highways.

Check out the music video below:


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