Our MAN of the moment is the Man of the Woods, Justin Timberlake. The man of many talents; being a singer, actor, songwriter and model unveiled the name and date of his upcoming album The Man Of The Woods, and today released the first track. This is a song called Filthy and according to Timberlake, it should be played very loud. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t what i was expecting after being such a fan of the 20/20 experience. It’s an odd rock/melodic/dub-step/funk track, but being the highly talented artist he is, he somehow makes it work.

Man of the Woods will be Timberlake’s fourth solo album, following from the outstanding 20/20 Experience which featured Tunnel Vision, Pusher Love Girl & the incredible Mirrors, but he’s taken his sweet time making it. 20/20 Experience was released back in 2013, and although Justin has made his mark in Hollywood as a respected actor, we’re happy that he’s returned to the studio.

Not only has the Friends with Benefits actor announced his album, our MAN of the moment will also be showing off his new music at this year’s Super Bowl half time show on February 4th, 2 days after his album hit’s the charts.

We’ll have Justin’s new single on repeat all day and can’t wait to hear the rest of his album. Check out the music video for Filthy below:


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