Pancake Day is the tastier, funner and better half to February’s over commercialised calendar events. Clearing the home baking aisle of your local Asda quicker than a contestant on Dale Winton’s supermarket sweep. We’ve trawled the food porn pages of Instagram high and low, to bring you the fluffiest, roundest, fruitiest, chocolatey, stacked pancakes from around the globe.  

  1. Starting the list with some classic pancakes. Keeping it simple with berries, cream and drizzly maple syrup. Photo taken by food blog @feedyourgirlfriend. These can be found at Italian restaurant Nobody is Perfect in NYC.

2. Second pancake entry can be found in Mayfair french bistro NAC. Ricotta Pancakes, doused in dulce de leche (sweet condensed caramel milk) and sliced bananas. Photo taken by @londonfoodbabes, a trio eating and drinking their way through the London food scene.

3. We couldn’t do a blog on pancakes and not throw in some obscure pancake art. Here @drdancake magically recreates our favourite ogre Shrek out of food-dyed pancake batter.

4. These Japanese Souffle Pancakes blow our mind. Thick, jiggly and absolutely weird but also flawless. Highlighted in slow motion video and prodded by a fork in this video by @insiderdessert, we’ve never seen anything so perfect.

5. This winning combo of mini dutch-style pancakes, chocolate dipping sauce and smartie chocolate beans is making us nostalgic of our childhoods.

6. @CheatDayEats is always bringing us all kinds of naughty foods to indulge in when we’re not hitting the gym and avoiding any kind of carbs. If these Apple Pie pancakes are anything to go by, we’ll be saving pancake day for all our cheat meal needs.

7. Stopping by somewhere more local is Manchester’s very own Home Sweet Home. The Oreo.M.F.G pancakes are crumbled with oreo biscuit and drizzled with a sauce made from the biscuit’s sandwich filling. Check out our instagram stories on Pancake day when we paid them a visit.

8. For those of you that like a savoury filling, this burger pancake stack is sure to hit the spot. The Horny Ram NYC features a meaty juicy burger centre with american cheese, syrup, crispy bacon and a fried egg. Food porn galore.

9. A little on the fancy and feminine side, these hotcakes come fresh from the Australian coast topped with fruit, flowers, shaved coconut, seeds and a dollop of healthy ice cream. We won’t tell if you don’t.

10. This cookie crumble crepe from @cre8crepes is LA makes us think about what strategy we would take to tackle this monster without losing its contents all over the floor. We can see a ‘child dropping ice cream’ style tantrum on the horizon.

11. Fruity pebbles are the american candy that we wish we had in the UK. And when you throw them over hot pancakes with oozy maple syrup we can only imagine the sugar rush that may follow.

12. A dream come true for every chocolate lover comes from @butterednsmothered. Layers of oreo and chocolate between a cocoa sponge pancake and finished with a scoop of chocolate ice cream.

Now wipe that dribble from your phone screen and tweet us @boohooMAN to tell us what you will be topping your creations with this pancake day.

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