Hi I’m Mark Ross, a fitness and performance coach who helps guys build muscle, burn fat  and get into incredible shape in the fastest time possible.  I’ve worked in the industry for ten years, shaped hundreds of bodies and have been involved with global fitness brands. I want to show men how simple it really is to get the dream body you desire and dismiss a lot of bad information that’s out there!

How to work your back: The Single arm row is probably the best exercise to build size and strength, plus the better a back is on a guy the wider his shoulders and torso will look! Start from the position I’m in and use a weight that you feel you can control throughout. Pull your elbow just past your rib cage and squeeze before lowering back down slowly. Top tip: look in the mirror from the side and try to keep your back flat! (Aim For 12 each arm and repeat x2 more).

How to train your biceps: The seated curl is perfect for growing your arms to fit into those t shirts perfect just in time for summer! Push your back against the pad and curl arms up from an extended position to the one I am in here. Don’t let your elbows move throughout, keep them pinned back! Top tip: squeeze hard for 2 seconds in the top position like me, a lot of guys tend to speed through the main part of the lift and won’t see any growth! (Perform 3 sets of 12 slow reps).

How to train your shoulders: The lateral raise that I’m performing will increase muscle on the side of your shoulders, this will create a much wider version of yourself, perfect for vest weather. Again performed wrong in most gyms, do not choose a weight that you have to throw around, instead pick a light weight, start with your hands by your side and then raise dumbbells to where I am, squeeze again for 2 seconds before lowering slow. Top tip: I see a lot of guys raise arms higher than this.. but is wrong and will start working different muscles that we aren’t aiming for. (Perform 3 sets of 15 reps).

How to train your legs/glutes: One exercise that is going to develop all round musculature and athletic strength in the lower body is the split squat! Most people go straight for the normal bar squat but don’t have the mobility or core strength to do it correctly. As you can see my legs are split and back foot heel is up, keep both feet connected to the floor and rise up before coming straight back down into this position again. Top top: As you rise up do not fully straighten your front leg, keep is slightly bent to build more muscle! (Perform 12 reps all on one leg before changing over and do x2 more sets).

How to train your chest/triceps: The number one exercise to build your pecs is the dumbbell press, for me this beats the bar press, it lets you get a bigger stretch and gives you a fuller shape!
Set the bench to a slight incline as shown to hit the top of your chest more, start in the position I am in and then slowly lower elbow to 90 degrees before pausing and pushing back up to here. Top tip: as always don’t forget to really squeeze at the top and ‘tell’ your body to build muscle, spend 2 seconds here! (3 sets 10 reps).

Top tip for staying motivated throughout the year: I personally work as a fitness model year round, this obviously pushes me to stay in the best shape I can be in encase I get called on! But I also play football at a good level, so for me when I’m in the gym It’s not all about how I look, I think about being the fastest on the pitch and wanting to be better than my opposition. Guys should really work on strength and mobility even if they don’t want to change body shape to much, I think the winter months is a good opportunity for lads to really focus on working on their weaknesses like these.

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