We caught up with disc jockey legend, Darius Syrossian, to chat about all things music, career highlights & more. Darius WIll be playing at this weekend at Pyramid which has proved one of Ibiza’s most celebrated nights in 2018 thanks to a star studded season at Amnesia, and now it is making it’s much anticipated debut at London’s exciting Studio 338. Playing will be Sam Paganini, Matthias Tanzmann b2b Detlef, Very Special Guest Darius Syrossian on Saturday 17th November.

How did you first get into music? 

I was very young and my dad bought one of those boombox cassette players, and I used to record my favourite song off the radio, then use the tape to tape to put all my favourite songs in order that I liked onto one cassette, growing up music was playing in our house all the time, as both my parents loved music.

Name three artists you had on repeat growing up? 

Joy Division, Human League, A Tribe Called Quest.

When was the pinnacle moment you knew you could make a career in music? 

Well after spending 15 years running a vinyl record shop it music was always my job, but when I decided to start producing and I realised that everything I’m creating is being supported by all my favourite artists and during my sets they are the biggest tracks of the night, I realised if I continue like this I can make this my full time career.

Where was your first ever gig and how did it go? 

I was playing at a techno night at a student union called Bretheren, I remember my first track, there was no cdjs back then and I played the promo copy of Daft Punk remix of Chemical Brothers on vinyl which I was lucky to get hold of pre-release as we got sent some promos at the record shop I was working in at the time. I think it’s the only time I was and have ever been nervous, and when that second bassline dropped at 3 mins 40 seconds, I was flying inside thinking I want to do this forever!

What’s your favourite song out at the moment?

there are so many good tracks it’s impossible to answer that question, but if you were going to ask me if I had to put a record on this very second I’d say Kingpin Cartel ‘Ghetto’ on Innervisions from 2007. I was pulling records out from my collection preparing for the vinyl only 30 years of acid house and techno set which I’m doing on new years eve and came across this old gemnad had it on repeat a few times last night, a timeless piece of music.

Favourite album ever? 

If we are talking about electronic music, the first album I bought was a double pack vinyl from DIY SOUND SYSTEM on Warp called Strictly 4 Groovers, at the time most records were either hardcore, breakbeat or Italian piano house, this was the closest thing to the US house sound I liked which was a bit deeper.

Do you have any new music out or coming out soon? 

Yes my new label Moxy Muzik launches in December, and the first release is my DANCE OF THE SHAMAN track, it comes with some pretty good remixes too from the likes of Doc Martin, East End Dubs, Man Power & Shaf Huse, my track on Hot Creations called Danzer is out in a couple of weeks: https://lnk.to/HOTC125

Who would be your dream collaboration, past or present? 

I’d say it would have to be with Armand Van Helden as he was the main inspiration for my sound when I first started doing, the way he could make a simple kick drum and a baseline on its own sound so deadly and have totally his own sound back then was amazing.

What has been your 2018 highlight? 

I think the DO NOT SLEEP residency at Amnesia Ibiza over the summer, it was our 4th season with DNS in ibiza but our first at Amnesia and it was a massive success, there was several highlights but I have to say the night we had Robert Hood come down and do his Floorpan thing was one to remember, not often you get a real legend like that come and play anywhere let alone in Ibiza, and it was brilliant.

What has been your career highlight? 

I think being nominated several times for the DJ Mag Best of British Awards and winning as well is something special for me, especially since I moved to the UK as a 12 year old and for the first few years it was tough, I did get a bit of racism at school, and I never let it affect me, so all these years later to go up and win an award as best of BRITISH that was voted for by the public meant a little bit more.

What’s your guilty pleasure track that nobody knows about?

I like to have the odd flutter on the football, haha I spend so many Saturday afternoons waiting around in airports it a bit more exciting, besides I love football

How do you spend your down time?

I actually find cooking very therapeutic, also painting, which is what I used to do at university years ago, I guess anything that’s creative makes me relax, I can sit in the studio for hours creating music and instead of coming out of it shattered I feel relaxed, hahaha sounds daft but it’s true.

What’s the best part about being a DJ?

Knowing that you are making people feel absolutely amazing with your music, I know when I was younger and I was on the dance floor when the DJ was good, it was the best feeling in the world, I always remember that feeling and when I go to play a gig, I strive to make every single person on that floor feel exactly like that, get lost in the music, take them to a place where they don’t have a care in the world for that few hours, I know so many times I felt this as a clubber and I’m always excited before a gig because I know I’m about to send some people to that very place. It’s a great feeling when you come off knowing you have done that.

If I wasn’t a DJ, I’d be…

Probably a chef, or an illustrator

Favourite film or TV series?

i was discussing with my fiancée the pother day, there hasn’t really been any great films lately, and when I mean great I mean one of those that absolutely blows you away, for example like The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, or more recently Talented Mr Ripley, as for TV series, hahaha I honestly don’t have much time to watch TV unless the football is on,  if I’m not touring, or working on the label or my radio show I’m in the studio, the rest of the time, my fiancée owns the remote control, hahahah

Drink of choice on a night out? 


Can you explain your fashion sense?

When I’m going out for dinners I like the blazer / t-shirt combo, smart trousers and shoes,

obviously I’m on the road a lot so staple comfiest are must, skinny trackies, hoodies & trainers

Do you have any fashion/style inspirations?

My fiancée  is very much into fashion, she’s always looking at latest trends, even men’s, and when we go shopping she loves to pick out things, so I’m pretty lucky on that front hahaha. As far as inspirations go, the Italian footballer Andrea Pirlo is a great example.

Describe yourself in three words

Loyal, Impatient, Workaholic

What advice do you have for aspiring DJs?

I’d say be yourself, play what YOU feel not what you think everyone wants to hear, otherwise you will be just another DJ doing the same as all the others, the DJs that break through are always the ones who have their own sound and stand out, that is what will help you make it, also, it takes time and a lot of hard work, if you genuinely love music and want to be a DJ for the right reasons this will shine through, Chez Damier said to me SOMETHING A FEW YEARS years ago that has always stuck with me, when you are playing if YOU feel it, THEY will feel it!


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