How did you first get into stand-up comedy?

When I realised that I wasn’t able to do anything else without getting a disciplinary! I remember going to a comedy show at 15; then seek g Chris rock on VHS, and I was hooked.

What comedy legends do you look up to?

Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Dick Gregory, Lenny Bruce, French and Saunders, Tina Fay, Mo’nique, George Carlin, the list is endless. I’m influenced by my peers on a daily basis as we’re going through it together!

How did you feel after being nominated for the Best Newcomer at the 2014 Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards?

Hungry. If not been able to eat so well before the news came out, so it was a relief to have an appetite. But I felt good. Means you’re in a very small, niche hall of fame nobody outside of comedy has heard of.

Your BBC 3 comedy show premiered last year. How was it taking comedy from stand-up to a scripted show?

Easier with my manager working in production and making sure she didn’t let anyone take the p*ss or creative control. I found it similar to stand up, just have to be happy not being the funniest in every scene.

Where did you get the inspiration for the show?

Life! A lot of things happen in the run up to be starting comedy that I told myself I’d tell the world given the chance, so some of the characters/situations have been embellished, up to you to work out which ones…

When did you realise you could make it as a career in comedy?

When I didn’t have to be on Job seekers or jump train barriers to travel.

Where was your first stand up gig? And, how did it go?

My first gig was in a place called Cork’s across the road from Selfridge’s

Where was your worst stand-up gig and why was it such a flop?

Brunel university. It was terrible because

  1. I was massively inexperienced on how to deal with bad gigs
  2. They hated me already because there was an after party and I was stopping them from meeting drunk women
  3. The women took pity on me, made me more likeable, which made the men hate me more
  4. My cousin, being alumni at Brunel told me AFTER THE FACT that “Dane, people go to those things JUST to boo!

How do you prepare before going out on stage?

I normally Pray/wish/practice wizardry, depending on who I think may be listening. Then I’ll have a cleanse in the toilet like pregnant women do before going into labour, just cleaning my whole area. Then I go over my material. I like to gigs early to know what’s said so I’m not cliche and repeating what the audience have heard. Strictly original material. I also check if a comic or audience member hasn’t been nice to other respective parties, because if you’ve been rude to people, I’m coming for scalps!

How do you wind down after a show?

I usually retreat to a corner after I’ve come over all shy post gig. It’s very similar to the bedroom, I feel fidgety and vulnerable because you bare yourself in comedy just like in romance. I like a sandwich sometimes too! But I don’t expect anybody to make it for me!

What does a day in the life of Dane look like when you’re not making people laugh?

Being paranoid that I’m not making people laugh! Then I relax. A typical day for Dane usually involves, eggs, water, Twitter a green tea and maybe a courvoisier (cognac) on the weekends.

Favourite comedian at the moment?

Mo Gillighan. He’s been doing great skits online and I find them funny as hell. And NIKKI GLASER! Discovered on Netflix and she’s hilarious!

Favourite comedy sketch show at the moment?

Mo Gillighan’s ‘life of a geezer’. Technically it’s not an actual show, but it will be.

If you could collaborate with another comedian for a sketch show, who would you choose?

Too many too choose from; maybe Neal Brennan because he co-wrote Chappelle’s show and so he make help to make history in the same way.

Favourite film?

Can’t pick one! My favourite comedy film is ‘Coming to America’ favourite drama is Martin Scorcese’s ‘Casino’. I also like Comic book movies and Kung Fu films too. It’s like choosing between your friends (of which I have far fewer than fave movies).

Drink of choice on a night out?

I like cocktails! So yum (yes I said that) fave one ever is the Grenadine Caipirinha from Hakkasan, but given my normal budget, brandy and coke, Remy Martin neat or a Grey Goose screwdriver please.

You’re a comedian so you have way with words. Give us your best chat up line…

I dont normally have them because all women are individuals but let’s try this “I like my ladies like my trainers, made from the late 70s- early 90s, exclusive and different colours, and with a good soul (sole). But then I don’t mind a bit of lace and a little dirt is fine if you were boxfresh when we met” (See, I’m useless)

Describe yourself in three words?

Comedian, Genius, Goofball

Are you heading to any festivals this year? So far have done citadel, latitude and Sheffield. Will be doing the fringe and Reading. But now I don’t do anywhere without access to indoor plumbing and 3 star hotel level sanitation. I’m done with that. There’s no I in team, but there’s one in hygiene

What about a lad’s holiday? See previous question about hygiene. Men are animals, and I’m not going to an island where everyone can afford Moet and Gucci but we’re eating full English breakfast with dubious meat and a toilet that can’t flush toilet paper!


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