Fresher’s week is an exciting week for anyone involved. Trying to balance actually going to your lectures, going out EVERY night and most importantly remaining stylish, all whilst being hungover can be a difficult thing to master.  We know you’re probably regretting that jagerbomb/jagerbombs at 4am when you have a 9am lecture to get to and you and I both know it won’t be the last time you make the same mistake. But don’t worry, you nurse that hangover, we got you covered for all your freshers week fits!

Its 8:45, your lecture is at 9, and you’re still in your clothes from last night. So, why not whip on a tracksuit? Opt for a comfy colourblock tracksuits or throw on one of our active tracksuits. Granted, you won’t be fooling anyone into thinking your tracksuit is due to you hitting the gym this morning, but when you’re hungover, comfort is key!

Now it’s time for the really important stuff! Heading out for the fifth time this week? Opt for some jeans and a printed shirt combined with a slogan or a plain tee.

Winter is coming! So don’t forget to wrap up a smart denim jacket or an iconic bomber.

Now it’s time to take your style to next level with a twin set. You can rock these smart matching threads with a trainer or smart shoe and a plain white tee is the perfect subtle addition to keep the attention on your twin set.

In a month’s time there’s no doubt you’ll turn up to your seminars with just a pen, if that. But for the time being, why not cop a rucksack to carry your notepads and all the fresher’s fair freebies?

No matter what, make sure you’re on top of all the latest trends at boohooMAN.


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