WINNER: Fast and Furious franchise

The fast and furious franchise is over 10 years old. They release movie after movie, each being just as good as the last. ‘The Fate of the Furious’ is the 8th movie from this billion dollar franchise, and it looks better than ever with more fast cars, crazy fight scenes and Vin Diesel being the enemy of his ‘furious family’.

This movie stars some of the best; returning for his second helping of F&F is Jason Statham and new comer, Charlize Theron, joins the cast as another Villain.

TRENDING AWARD (Presented by Time Inc.’s INSTANT)

WINNER: “Run The World (Girls)” Channing Tatum and Beyonce -Lip Sync Battle (SPIKE) 

Competing with Carpool Karaoke and the “cash me outside” girl, we are pretty happy that this hilarious trending video from Channing Tatum won.

Channing won the Lip Sync battle last year against his wife Jenna Dewan, after killing it with a show stopping performance of “who Run the World” by Beyoncé. The performance was hysterical as Tatum hit every dance move reminding us how he started his career with the 2006 film, Step Up. Channing had an even bigger surprise, besides his moves and weirdly shocking resemblance whilst dressed as the queen B, as out of the blue, non-other than B emerged joining in at the right time for, “who run this mother”. The crowd exploded and obviously the video went viral.

There’s been many more hilarious acts after Channing; Ceelo Green played Gene Simmons, Snoop Dogg as Bob Marley and Kevin Hart syncing Taylor Swift’s bad blood.

Check out the winning performance below:


WINNER: Black-ish

Maybe one of the coolest family’s on TV right now; this American sitcom is too funny to handle as there isn’t a moment that we aren’t cracking up with this show!

The Johnson family – Andre Johnson (Anthony Anderson) is an advertising executive, wife Rainbow a hippie raised turned academic and doctor and there four kids Zoey, Andre, Jack and Diane, show us what it’s like in this modern age being a black family in America. Whilst hitting important issues like race and politics, they also find a way to see the humour in what they do.

BEST DUO      

WINNER: Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen – Logan

We all love the Marvel franchise but this year’s ‘Logan’ was such a treat. The film took a huge step forward in mutant action films, leaving us eager for more. We were gutted when we heard that this was Hugh’s last Marvel movie, but saying that, we knew it was going to be his best work, and that work was helped with co-star Dafne Keen.

Their relationship on screen was a joy to watch and their joint fight scenes were some of the best we’ve ever seen; an award well and truly deserved.


WINNER: Stranger Things    

This must have been one of the most successful Netflix shows the year. We didn’t know what to expect when we saw Stranger things pop up in our new releases tab on Netflix but this show is a must see.

Set in the 80’s, a boy disappears within a small town in America. At first the police may have thought he had run away but that is the furthest thing away from what happened. We won’t give away too much as ‘Stranger Things’ is still on Netflix and is a seriously good watch. Plus, to every fan’s excitement, season two is set to come out in October. The show welcomes the return of A-list movie star Winona Ryder and five amazing rising stars.

There were plenty more awards given out at the ceremony, these are just a couple of our favourites.


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