The highly anticipated Black Friday is almost upon us. The annual shopping frenzy falls on the 23rd of November this year and we’ve got some top tips to make sure you grab all of those discounted deals.

Do It Online

We’ve all seen the viral videos of shoppers stampeding through stores, throwing the weak out of the way & fighting over anything with a discounted price. Well, why not avoid the injuries & save the stress of getting up in the early hours of the morning, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, only to find that they don’t have that discounted coat you’ve had your eyes on for weeks left in your size. We say shop online! More and more people are doing it. In 2017, online retailers saw sales increased by a huge 16% compared to 2016.

Prepare Your Products

Knowing what you want is a huge advantage when grabbing your Black Friday bargain online. It’s better to spend the day before building up your basket with the essential items you want to buy, to save frustratingly searching through pages and pages in the hope to find that must have t-shirt you saw last week.

Sign Up Early

Black Friday has grown from just the one day, where the world of online & offline retail goes insane, to giving away offers days and sometimes weeks in advance. If you haven’t already. sign up to our newsletter now and benefit from all of our early Black Friday offers – you can sign up to our newsletter here.

Social Media

Social media is the gateway to super savings on Black Friday. Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat accounts for some incredible Black Friday deals.

Get the App

We will be hosting all of our Black Friday offers on our brand new app. Available to download now in the app store. The boohooMAN app has been installed to create a much more customer friendly experience, allowing you to browse efficiently meaning you can find your desired items quicker and easier.

Don’t Forget Cyber Monday

That’s right, the discounts continue. This year, Black Friday falls on the 23rd of November but that isn’t the only day we will be offering some incredible savings. Make sure you save a bit of extra cash for Cyber Monday.

Shop at boohooMAN

Finally, shop with us. If you haven’t seen already we’ve release even more lines and collections to our website; PremiumPartywear and all of our latest AW18 styles.

Why not take a look at and get started on your Black Friday wishlist.


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