We’re riding high on the superhero hype right now. Infinity Way is the near-conclusion of many, many years of careful planning and preparation from Marvel to craft the most satisfying story imaginable. Cross over to 21st Century Fox, who own the X-Men brand and characters, and have been challenging what a superhero film can be with the likes of Logan and 2016’s Deadpool. This year, Ryan Reynolds is back in the role for much more action and a bucket load of pop culture references, with some being the funniest thing I’ve seen in cinema for a long time. But after the build up of Infinity War, there does seem to be an absence in scale that quite rightly cant live up to Marvel’s in house efforts. Still, you will laugh hard.

Deadpool 2 takes the audience on another wild ride through the life on unkillable Wade Wilson. He’s got the girl, got the life and looking to start a family. This all gets flipped on its head as he meets a young kid who is struggling to control and understand his powers (very X-Men), and Deadpool’s connection with the outcast takes centre stage in this ‘family film’ (Deadpool’s words, not mine). It does end up being true, and there is a strong sense of connections and love flowing through the film. But you’re not here for that; you’re here for the swearing, the references and the bad-ass action.

There is plenty of each of these in the film, and especially the completely up-to-date film. Some of the best lines come from throwaway comments and scenes that last less than a minute. The introduction of the X-Force is a nice addition and their purpose in the film completely throws you off what’s about to happen. Some notable characters and actors are introduced, along with my favourite new addition to the team; Paul. You’ve got to experience the director’s choices for yourself, as it’s just brilliant how a film of this scale is allowed to play with the script and characters like this. Credit to Fox and Marvel for pushing forward with this style of storytelling.

The absolute favourite Blind Al is back to show why she was so loved in the first one, and her aim has not improved one bit. Bringing in new characters like Josh Brolin’s Cable gives Deadpool a different purpose, but without creating the stereotypical hero/villain dynamic. Seeing as Brolin has just starred in Infinity War as Thanos, his performance contrasts enough that you really don’t compare the two.

It’s not a perfectly crafted story, but what Deadpool offers over other superhero flicks is something so much more grounded in real life that you just downright enjoy it. It will be interesting to see where the next chapter takes us (X-Force is coming soon), but Ryan Reynolds proves that the first film wasn’t a fluke. I’ll leave you with a top tip – stay for the after-credit scenes; they are so worth it!


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