Fresh from his set at The Social Festival, we caught up with Sidney Charles on our private jet ahead of his set at Elrow in Rotterdam.

Who influences you musically?

At the moment, DJ wise, I think I’m influenced a lot by Cassy and Kerri Chandler.

Name three artists you had on your playlist growing up…

Well, I grew up listening to a lot of DJ Premier and a lot of De La Soul mainly, and another one that is slightly different is an artist called Shadee.

When was the pinnacle moment you realised you could make a career in music? 

There wasn’t a real stand out moment for me to be honest, my career grew quite slowly and naturally at the beginning, but I think there was maybe one key moment a few years ago when the manager of Pan-Pot at the time called me and asked for a meeting. That’s the point where my professional career really began.

What’s been your biggest career highlight so far?

My biggest career highlight so far has definitely been playing CircoLoco at DC10.

If you could collaborate with one other artist, past or present, who would it be? 

I would love to make a track with Tuccillo, he’s an excellent producer and I’m a big fan of his. I also think he would work well with my sound and in the studio.

Where is the most memorable venue you’ve ever played?

It was on my first tour in Argentina, in Córdoba, and I played in the middle of the jungle! The jungle area was surrounded by mountains, and we were on a tiny island in the middle of a lake. They set up the DJ booth on this little island, and there were about 3,000 people partying in the middle of the jungle on this island. It was crazy!

What/Who/Where is the most memorable performance you’ve ever seen?

About 6 years ago, Loco Dice played a 10 hour set at Panorama Bar in Berghain. He used to do it a lot in the past, but he doesn’t do it anymore now, so I feel quite lucky to have seen it. It was one of those sets that had a huge influence on me as a DJ, I’ll never forget it.

What do you enjoy most about playing festivals? 

I enjoy being slightly closer to the nature when you’re out at these festivals rather than inside clubs. The vibe of the crowd is different too, they are often enjoying themselves more, they’re more laid back, and everyone has a bit more space to dance too.

How does the UK crowd differ from other countries?

It’s really hard to say to be honest because in every country the crowds are so different. But what I really like about the UK is that they know the artists that are playing, they really know the tracks and they are really well educated on the music. Also, so far, I’ve always been treated really well by the UK crowds, they are always very friendly and give out a lot of positive vibes.

What song are you playing on repeat at the moment?

There are a lot of good tracks out at the moment, it’s hard to pick just one favourite. But at the moment I’m playing a currently unreleased track from ANOTR called ‘The Issue’. It has a really crazy breakdown.

What’s been your summer highlight of 2017?

Once again, it was definitely getting the opportunity to play CircoLoco at DC10.

What’s your guilty pleasure track? 

Marlena Shaw – ‘Woman Of The Ghetto’ (Catz ‘n Dogz Beat Remix)

How do you spend your down time when you’re not performing or in the studio?

I usually start my day quite quietly. I sleep for a while, and then I have a coffee and read in the morning. Later on, I like to do some sports and meditation. I like to do things that balance out the DJ lifestyle.

Favourite film/TV series?

My favourite film is Apocalypto and I think my favourite TV show would have to be Rick and Morty.

Drink of choice on a night out? 

Vodka, soda and lemon!

Can you explain your fashion sense? How would you describe your style?

I have quite an eclectic style, I like to shop in a lot of vintage stores. It’s hard to describe my style exactly, I travel a lot so I like to keep it quite casual and pick things up along the way.

Describe yourself in three words?

(Sidney’s mum was in the room at this point and asked to answer the question for him, to which she said) He is humble, kind at heart, and has a good sense of humour!

What’s next for 2017?

I’m starting a tour in the USA in November which I’m really looking forward to, and I also have a set at Warehouse Project in Manchester in December.

What advice do you have for aspiring DJs?

I think it’s really important for aspiring DJs to try and not focus too much on what is happening in the scene, and to just play the music that you think is fun and that you like the most. Most importantly, you should just enjoy making music, instead of trying too hard to make music that sounds like everyone else’s.

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