boohooMAN sat down with international DJ Jonas Blue, to talk music, everyday life and what’s to come for 2017.

You had monumental success with your last 3 singles, one of which gained you not one, but two BRIT Award 2017 Nominations for British Single & British Video. How did you react when you were told you’d been nominated for these awards?

I was completely blown away, it was a bit of a dream come true moment for me, I grew up watching the Brits and aspiring to make it in music so to be nominated for 2 awards was pretty mind blowing.

Who influences you musically?

Max Martin, Calvin Harris, Daft Punk and Steve Mac.

When was the precise moment you realised you could make a career in music?

When I was 11 and was doing a mobile disco DJ set up and getting paid to play my school friends birthday parties.

You’ve recently collaborated with YouTube sensation William Singe for your new track, Mama. How did you first hear of Wiliam Singe?

I’ve been following him for a while, a few years back when he was first posting his covers on YouTube. We share a mutual love for RnB.

What made you choose him for the collaboration?

I’d been waiting for the right song that would fit his vibe and the moment we finished mama, I just knew the youthful energy and RnB swagger was a perfect fit for him.

How was he to work with?

He was great, we were both touring in different parts of the world so we had to get the vocals recorded remotely, but he’s a pro and did an amazing job.

Do you have any more exciting collaborations in 2017?

I do indeed but nothing I can reveal quite yet, working with a couple of huge names though.

If you could collaborate with one artist/band, past or present, who would it be?

Calvin Harris.

What was the inspiration behind the track?

Mama is a song about that period of your life when you’re young, carefree, without stress, no bills and problems and all you care about is having a good time with your friends every day and night.

What does a typical day in the life of Jonas Blue look like when you’re not creating music?

I’ve recently moved into a new house so when I do have a bit of downtime in the UK, which is very rare, I’m trying to enjoy the house.

Are you playing or attending any festivals this year?

Oh yes… UK wise, first up is We Are Festival then Isle Of White then the Big one is V Festival and then Sundown later in the summer. Plus the 2 biggest international dance music festivals Tomorrowland and EDC Las Vegas.

What’s your festival outfit of choice?

Pretty simple.. jeans and a t shirt and trainers I don’t mind getting a bit dirty.

Are you going on a lad’s holiday this year? If so where?

All my crew will be heading out to Ibiza while I’m playing there this summer.

Being an international DJ, you must have your pick of the girls, but what’s your best chat up line? 

Maybe We’re perfect strangers so I’ll be by your side, I’ve got a fast car so tell your mama you aint coming home tonight

What’s your drink of choice on a night out?

Vodka lime and Soda is a good clean drink.. easy on the hangover.

Favourite film?

The Business

Having seen so much success over the past year, you’re inspiration to thousands. Can you give any advice to those wanting to make it as a DJ?

Find your own sound, perfect your craft, stick with it for the long haul, it’s no overnight success. Make it all about the passion and love for the music and get out there and hustle. Meet people and make connections to get gigs no matter how small and local you gotta start somewhere

Describe yourself in three words? 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Describe your style?

Smart but casual, all about the jackets and the hair.

Thanks Jonas Blue, we hope your track is as popular as the rest. We love the summer vibe it has going and we think William Singe is a great choice. We look forward to what else you have to offer this year.

Check out the new track below.


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