Who said that mountains can’t be moved? Well, strongman Eddie Hall managed to beat Hafthor Julius Bjornson, the machine of a man famous for his role as The Mountain in the fantasy TV series Game of Thrones, to become the first Briton in 24 years to be crowned the World’s Strongest Man.

Eddie, whose suiting nickname is ‘The Beast’, proved his strength in a series of agonising events at the strongman contest at the weekend; such as the squat lift, deadlift, Viking press, the impressive vehicle pull and many more. The World’s Strongest Man has gathered 30 of the most powerful men across the world for over 40 years, and if you’ve ever seen the competition on TV, these men are insanely strong.

Hall’s made a name for himself throughout the years and truly made his mark on the weight lifting world. He holds multiple world records; 500kg deadlift, 216kg axle press and the British record for a 211kg log lift.

‘The Beast’ has a documentary currently on Netflix and takes viewers into his personal life, the sacrifices he’s made for the sport, intense training regimes and his ridiculous diet; consuming up to 12,000 calories a day! We seriously recommend.

After winning the competition in Botswana, South Africa, Hall announced his retirement from international competitions, but will continue to compete in Britain and add to his tally of four-time British Strongest Man.


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