Harry Styles debut album is finally here. The album simply named ‘Harry Styles’, dropped last Friday and has revamped his music and basically says, this is me; the Harry Styles without the boy band. His new music is best described as Indie Rock, with obvious influences from the greats like Bowie, Queen, Mick Jagger and even some old school Baetles in there too.

Harry went against the grain and released an album that is true to his voice whilst everyone else is releasing their version of the next summer tune. Harry’s tracks feel like they will withhold the test of time, not just a season. Harry’s transition from One Direction’s teenage love inspired pop hits to a whole new genre is pretty cool. He’s found his style and his voice belongs to rock n roll.

Here are some of our favourite tracks:

From the Dining Table

Ever Since New York


Only Angel


The music video for his debut single, ‘Sign of the Times’, came out last week, and we were weirdly amused when we saw Harry take off flying over the sea and even walking on water. It wasn’t at all what we were expecting.

Check out the music video below:

Words by @zigournie.


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