It’s the day the world has been waiting for: the day Harry Style’s single is out.

He introduces his new solo career with a surprising, slow paced rock ballad. We must admit, we weren’t expecting his debut single to sound quite like a 90’s rock song, but Harry gave no sign of how his new music was going to sound, so I guess anything was going to be a surprise.

One thing is for certain though; he’s one of the four one direction lads who have taken their music careers solo, to step furthest away from ‘One Direction type’ music. Despite being a five and half minute song, it’s a very easy listen and has a catchy chorus that will get you singing along.

It’s hard to in envision the kind of song making a dint in today’s charts. “Sign of the Times” will be going up against the likes of Drake, Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris; but being Harry Styles, we’re pretty sure it’ll do well.

He did his first radio interview exclusively with Radio 1 this morning and will be appearing on the US show Saturday Night Live on the 15th April.

Listen to the new track below:


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