K-Dot album drop – DAMN.

Last week Kendrick dropped his new album in correlation to his headline performance at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival . We’ve listened to every track twice over already and it is everything and more than we expected from the Grammy award winning rapper.

He touches on plenty of important issues happening around the world; police brutality, race and crime whilst homing in on a few issues in his own past that not all artists that are in top 10 charts can/will touch upon. Kendrick isn’t afraid to go there and sets the record straight in his own words.

With a range of different tones and feelings portrayed throughout the album, it proves now more than ever that Kendrick is on his way to being a G.O.A.T (greatest of all time).

We urge you to listen to the album track by track; don’t skip, don’t fast forward because Kendrick really makes you think with the flow of each song. Some songs even lasting as long as 7 minutes like FEAR, it’s worth listening to the whole album as it as intended.

We had a hard time picking our top 5 to add to our Spotify playlist as all songs are fire and they flow so well, but we have chosen our top 5 for you to get a taster of the album but still go and listen to the full thing to get the whole DAMN experience.

Kendrick just headlined at Coachella showcasing his new tracks and his classics along with a few special appearances.

Words by @zigournie


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