boohooMAN sat down with Gavin, Duvall and Luke. The London based house and electronic music production trio also known as Disciples, to talk music, fashion and what’s in store for 2017.

You guys have been in the A-list of BBC Radio 1 with ‘On My Mind’ for the past 6 weeks, as well as playlisted across Capital, KISS, Capital Xtra and Beats 1. We’re great fans of the track, how does it feel getting such a great response to your track?

Duvall: It’s great! It feels good, it’s already surpassed our expectations. We made the record over two and half years ago and have been going back and forth with it for that long. So, to finally have it out and for it be received that well from the public, and radio stations is actually a dream come true.

How did you guys meet?

Gavin: In a nut-house!

Who’s the leader of the group?

Duvall: Me! Hahaha no, we all lead in different ways but it depends what it is. There’s many different areas to our work, from being in the studio, to being on stage to DJing, to creating our own event, we all lead in different ways. In the studio, I take the lead in most aspects and the other guys will come and do their bit. Luke is responsible for ‘The Following’ event, which is our new baby we started about six months ago that has already sold out two shows already. Gavin takes charge in a lot of the business stuff, ‘cos man ain’t got the time or patience for that! Gavin and Luke take charge for DJing and for the festival side of things I like to grab the mic.

Who’s the most relaxed?

Luke: That’s probably Gavin!

When did you realise you could make a career in music?

Luke: I was going to say when I was ten, but back then I probably wasn’t going to make it to the park! I went to a pirate radio station, Lightning FM and got the confidence to become a musician from that moment. I knew I had something, but at ten obviously that’s very advanced.

Who’s your biggest inspiration in music?

Duvall: Biggest inspiration in music… I think we all have different ones, so we all have to answer this! Let’s do dead or alive. ‘Dead,’ would be Michael Jackson and ‘Alive’ would be Pharrell Williams for obvious reasons.

Gavin: Susan Boyle.

Luke: Dead or Alive? Someone’s that’s dead, probably Tupac because he was a G. Alive at the moment, Daft Punk and Jamie Jones.

If you could collaborate with one artist past or present, who would it be?

Luke: Jamie Jones.

What are some of the most memorable events and venues you’ve played?

Gavin: Secret Solstice festival in Iceland. The reason why it’s special is because there is 72 hours of daylight, and that’s quite trippy when it gets to 12 midnight and the sun’s still beaming.

Luke: Their [Secret Solstice] line-up this year was dope!

What does a typical day in the life of Disciples look like when you’re not creating music?

Duvall: We’re very busy, none of us have much spare time out of making music.

Are you attending or playing at any festivals this summer?

Duvall: Yeah, we’re playing at V Festival. We have our own tent, The Following tent at SW4, that’ll be with Danny Howard’s brand Nothing Else Matters. V Festival is quite interesting because we’re playing two dates and the Radio One show on Friday. We’ve got our own boat party at Hideout Festival in Croatia which will be insane, as one – I’ve never been to Croatia, and two – I’ve never been on a boat there. And we’re also doing Creamfields this summer too.

What is your festival outfit?

Duvall: I like to wear all different things really but I like ponchos when it comes to festivals, especially in the summer. Ponchos, backwards hats and some sick sunglasses I’ll pick up when we go abroad. I always have to pick up a pair of sunglasses when we go away, which is my Achilles heel and makes my bank account lighter!

Gavin: Shirts! I wear a lot of fluorescent and wavy shirts.

Are you going on a lads holiday this year, if so wear?

Duvall: Every time we play it’s a lads holiday.

Being musicians, you must have a pick of the girls. What is your favourite chat up line?

Duvall: I don’t really have any, I’ve always been pretty bad when it comes to chatting up girl. Normally it’s when they come up to me. That doesn’t happen all that often! We play the music and people come flocking in that way, in a good way. We get crowds of people from playing the music that we’re playing and I think that’s the best chat up line, if you’re going to chat someone up. Play great music.

Drink of choice on a night out?

Gavin: G&T – Hendrick’s G&T

Favourite film?

Luke: Where to begin… Scarface!

Can you give any advice to anyone wanting to make it as a musician?

Duvall: You have to treat it like it’s your life. You’ve got to treat it like you can’t breathe without it and don’t worry too much about the outcome, just really get used to enjoying the process.

Describe yourselves in three words?

Luke: [to Gavin] Calm.

Duvall: [to Luke] Dedicated.

Gavin: [to Duvall] Motivated. Luke is the anchor.

Describe your fashion style?

Duvall: We all have different fashion styles and I actually like all of ours, because we’re different and complement each other. For myself, I like to experiment with a lot of things, I like new designers and I like to match that with vintage designers, and also try and find pieces of jewellery no one else will have. Clocks and Colours is a good brand based online, they do stainless steel jewellery which fits on men’s fingers nicely and doesn’t look too feminine or look too strong like you’re up for a fight in a bar or something.

Luke has a few styles too, the all black with the white trainers is often a go-to. ‘Paid in Full’ style, if you’re familiar with the film reference haha. He also has the wavy shirt look – slightly baggy but fitted so when he walks the wind grabs it and it flows. Mixed up with some jeans, maybe a blue and black pair. He has a ripped grey pair that go well with any colour trainers. He’s really rocking the Reebok Classics at the moment and got me into a beige pair of Classics I really like.

Gavlar [Gavin] is the every man’s sort of fashion, boy next door type of fashion. He’ll mix it up and if he can get into shorts he will ha.

Gavin: I’d say I’m pretty brand-wise.

Duvall: He mixes it up with the trainers too, the Air Max’s he’s got on now. Black huaraches, a lot of Timberland vibes going. We mix it up and we like that because we’re not a boy band!

Thanks for the chat guys.

Take a listen to their latest track On My Mind below:


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