Summer festivals are happening thick & fast and with the biggest of them all happening this weekend, we’ve pulled together some absolute essentials to survive your weekend away from home.

Portable Charger.  A couple of years ago you’d probably just leave your phone at home & dive head first into the music (and the mud), but festivals are the perfect place to grab a sick Instagram or make your friends very jealous on Snapchat. Pack a portable charger so you’re juiced up the entire weekend. Save the set times of the acts you cannot miss to save on buying a ridiculously overpriced program!

Keep your style fresh. It’s more likely than not that you’ll be festival’ing in not so sunny Britain, but it doesn’t mean you need to shed style for practicality. Grab a waterproof jacket and style it up with a graphic hoodie to keep you warm, dry & feeling fine. Grab some sunglasses like these and a SnapBack to hide the effects of the festival while keeping super stylish.

Get a bum bag.  While you probably heaved your weekend booze and camping gear across fields in huge bags, you wanna keep it low key for any raving you’re doing during the day. They might have been the uncoolest thing ever a few years ago, they’ve jumped into style now & Rae a much better fit for guys who don’t wanna be stuck carrying everything for your group. Even better are ones that sit under your shirt for maximum security and minimum style faux pas!

Snack it up. Festivals seem to have THE best food going; my personal favourite is the giant Yorkshire pudding filled with as much gravy as humanly possible. But for £8 a go it’s not the best for students, so grab some snacks on the way to the festival that are easily stored & will fill that afternoon hangry feeling! Grab some rice cakes, chocolate & breakfast bars to keep your stomach ready for the booze, but juice up in the morning to get a break from the partying… then get right back on it!

Take a mini everything. Don’t pack all your expensive toiletries and aftershaves, there’s an almost guarantee that you’ll lose them or they’ll be taken off you at the gate for being made of glass. Grab some of the travel size toiletries like gels, deodorants, toothpaste & wipes to keep your body looking and smelling fresh. Even if there are some showers, I’d try avoiding them – they’re gonna be disgusting even on day 1!

Getting your packing list right is essential, but remember that anything you forget you’ll probably be able to buy at the festival. Just don’t forget the proper important stuff like your ticket or you’ll be Billy no mates on the way back home to get it!


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