Who influences you musically?

I always cite Deadmau5 as one of my biggest influences, nowadays there are just too many to name.

When did you first realise you could make a career as a producer/DJ?

I think it was after the Ellie Goulding remix. Before that got released, it was always just a bit fun. The track got such massive attention and I couldn’t really believe it. 

What do you most enjoy about being a producer/DJ?

The moment when you’re working on a song and it finally comes together, its euphoric. You spend hours playing around with different ideas, tweaking bits and suddenly everything just clicks together. It’s actually quite addictive. I think its why artists get so down when they have writers block, because they’re searching for that feeling again. 

If you could collaborate with one other artist in the world, who would it be?

Kate Bush

Where is the most memorable venue you’ve ever played?

It has to be the Bodynsoul Stage at Electric Picnic. I got a great slot at 2am, so you can imagine the crowd were absolutely bonkers at that point. Besides most of my best mates being there, it was a huge turnout, still my favourite gig.

What is the most memorable DJ set you’ve ever seen?

When I went to see Eric Prydz 5.0 show. It has to be up there. The music aside, the visuals (which are 3D) are sensational, probably the best around.  

Are you going to any music festivals this year? Playing or attending?

I’m playing at Beatyard in August, and doing my first US show at the Upnorth festival in Michigan. It’s been a dream of mine to play in the US, so that will be a special show.

What does a typical day in the life of EMBRZ look like when you’re not creating music?

Either sleeping, eating or drinking in a pub.

Drink of choice on a night out?

Pint of Heineken

Favourite film?

Lost in Translation

Describe yourself in three words?

Nocturnal, Perfectionist, Unfashionable 

What’s your favourite song at the moment?

Amber Mark – Lose My Cool (Couros remix)

Who’s your favourite artist at the moment?

Hard question, maybe Mura Masa, buzzing for the album. 

How do you wind down or turn up after a set?

There is always such a natural high after doing a set (when they go well), but after an hour I’m usually always exhausted and sleep (I know, not exactly rocknroll). If I fight through the tiredness, I’ll have one or ten beers.

Who’s your biggest style & fashion inspiration?

To be honest, I know zero about fashion. I usually wear whatever has the least stains and is comfortable.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to make a career in music?

Without sending cliche, you have to put the work in and it takes time. Also YouTube is your best mate, there are endless tutorials.


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