We sat down with recently collaborated Abstract & Dusty to talk about their new track, fashion, career highlights and what’s next for 2017.

Who would you say is your biggest musical influence? 

Abstract: It’s hard to name one! Lido. Every time I hear his music I wannna throw mine away!

Dusty: James Blake, hands down.

Name three artists you had on your playlist growing up…

Abstract: Michael Jackson, Timbaland, Aaliyah

Dusty: 50 Cent, Jagged Edge & Craid David

Where and when was your first ever live performance & how did it go?

Abstract: It was in the Melkweg (milky way). It’s a venue in the Amsterdam city centre. I had to do some scratches for my group Groove Click at the time. This was 14 years ago!

Dusty: At secondary school in front of the whole school. Nobody knew I could sing so everyone was shocked. It went well though!

You guys have just collaborated for your new track Jheeze! How did the collaboration come about?

Abstract: Dusty first did a verse on Reload. That’s a previous release featuring Kalibwoy. We recorded that so fast, that we recorded Jheeze! shortly after that. I finished the beat and put it out six months later!

Dusty: Abby hit me up with the beat and the rest was history really.

How did you find working with each other?

Abstract: It was so organic! If dusty feels it, he will come up with something. If not we will search for another beat!

Dusty: We already had a musical connection so it just flowed really well.

If either of you could collaborate with another artist, past or present, who would it be?

Abstract: Past,Busta Rhymes. Present, Aminé I guess!

Dusty: A$AP Ferg

Other than Jheeze!, what track have you got on repeat at the moment? 

Abstract: Giggs – Times ticking & Famous Dex – Pick It Up (ft A$AP Rocky). It’s these two for sure!

Dusty: Richenel – Autumn

What’s your guilty pleasure track, one that nobody knows you love? 

Abstract: Uhhhhhhhhmmmmm… Cassius 1999!

Dusty: Too many to name. Most of the music I listen to are guilty pleasures, that’s what makes them so pleasurable.

Abstract – Can you give us an insight into the music scene in Amsterdam at the moment?

Abstract: Its grown a lot over the past few years! Hip hop & R&b is really big out here and, since Spotify came about, people have even more access to new music! A lot of artists and producers achieve gold and even platinum status with their music. The radio can’t ignore them anymore.

I try to create my own lane in the scene. Moving independently and giving my own touch to what’s hot these days!

What has been your career highlight so far? 

Abstract: I played Lowlands Festival (one of the biggest and most well-known festivals in the Netherlands)

Dusty: Rolling up joints for Xzibit

What has been your 2017 highlight? 

Abstract: I did a tour of Asia!

Dusty: I’ll wait till the end of the year. Alot can happen in a year.

What has been your most memorable performance? 

Abstract: Lowlands 2016

Dusty: Probably the time I performed at Appelsap Festival in 2015.

Who/What/Where was the most memorable performance you’ve ever seen?

Abstract: Busta Rhymes. Like 5 or 6 years ago. Full of energy and a crazy show!

Dusty: James Blake at Lowlands 2011

What big events have you done so far this year?

Abstract: Festivals – Lowlands, Encore, Vunzige Deuntjes, By The Creek, Mystery Land.  Club Nights – President (my own event in Paradiso. Big venue in Amsterdam). Tours – two asia tours. One with Patta (patta.nl) and one by myself! I went to ( Japan,Thailand, China, South Korea, Indonesia)
Dusty: I’ve been keeping my head down this year so I can kill it in 2018

What do you do when you’re not dj-ing?

Abstract: Going through emails (mostly dumb offers). Planning releases and

probably playing Nintendo switch or ps4.

Dusty: Not sure if I’m allowed to say that on here haha

If I wasn’t a musician, I’d be…

Abstract: A gamer on twitch or something!

Dusty: A scientist for sure, biology was the shit.

Drink of choice on a night out? 

Abstract: Bumbu Rum ! Pure or with Coca Cola!

Dusty: Hennything can happen (Hennessy)

Favourite film/TV series?

Abstract: Rick & Morty!

Dusty: Top Gear

Can you describe you fashion sense? 

Abstract: I am pretty easy. I like some nice pants (chino’s, camo pants’ joggers etcetera) that go with a good t-shirt (could be from either Patta, Puma or Uni-qlo) and puma shoes! That’s me!

Dusty: Just relaxed, I wear what I feel comfortable in. Mostly baggy…

Do you have any fashion influences? 

Abstract: Not really. I just look around. A random dude could be wearing something really nice and I get inspired by it!

Dusty: Mac Demarco has a cool dress sense I guess…

Describe yourself in three words? 

Abstract: Humble, Loner, helpful

Dusty: Tall, Black & Awkward

Do you have any advice for those wanting to make it in the music industry? 

Abstract: Sounds cliché but stay true. Do what you believe is good for you. Take advice and stuff from people but stay true to your vision! It’ll make you happier then just going with something you don’t really want to do!

Dusty: Just be you, and if that doesn’t work, work on being you – cause you’re all you’ve got.

What’s next for 2017? 

Abstract: Finishing up the second tour in Asia and dropping my next single single called ‘Your Words’ featuring Jalise Romy! And planning my vacation. Take some time out to think about life for a second.

Dusty: Dropping the sequel to my first EP Pigeon. And I might go for my drivers licence – I’m almost 25 now, bout time…

You can listen to Jheeze! on Spotify and check out the music video below:


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