boohooMAN sat down with New Zealand-born producer Opiuo to talk about new music, career highlights, fashion and much more.

When did you first realise you could make a career in music?

When I paid my parents back the 9 grand I’d borrowed from them purely from money I’d made from music.

Name three artists you had on your playlist growing up?

Beastie Boys, Supergroove, Wu Tang.

Where and when was your first ever live performance?

When I was 13 at the local beer festival in my town.

What’s the best part of being a DJ?

I don’t DJ anymore as I play live my own music, but I’d say meeting crazy interesting people & playing my music to them. It never gets old.

You’ve just released your new track ‘Ginger Lizard’, how long did the song take to create and


Almost 12 months! From Australia, to NZ, to USA, and back again.

How happy are you with the finished track?

Insanely. It’s one of my most proud tracks to date.

Have you played it live yet? How was the reaction?

I played it live since it’s inception. Playing it live gave me ideas & made me work out how to enhance & finally complete it.

What song have you got on repeat at the moment? 

Parisi – No Refuge ft. RZA

What was your 2017 highlight?

Red Rocks w The Opiuo Band

What has been your career highlight? 

Wow. So many things to mention. Winning NZ Music Award, playing Red Rocks, having Gift Of Gab mc on a track are just some!

Where and when was your most memorable performance and why? 

Red Rocks w The Opiuo Band. An incredible venue, my parents were there, my friends were there, the band absolutely smashed it. I’ll never forget it. Oh & all the acts who played were also amazing!

Where, when & who gave your most memorable performance and why? 

James Blake Glastonbury 2014 I think it was. I’ll never forget that. Him & his band transported me from the festival. I forgot where I was completely.

How do you spend your down time?

Riding motorbikes, mountain biking, hanging with my girlfriend, doing design works, drinking coffee, eating peanut butter on toast.

If I wasn’t a DJ I’d be…

A designer

Favourite film & TV series?

UTOPIA or Nathan Barley

Drink of choice on a night out? 


If you could have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Pad Se Ewe

Describe your style/fashion?

Functional street grey scale mash w extra pepper.

Who’s your biggest style inspiration? 

Claude Maus

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Be the best person I can be & help lift up those around me.

Checkout Opiuo’s new track Ginger Lizard below:


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