To celebrate our new activewear launch, the lads from boohooMAN put on their #ACTIVEMan gear and headed to the gym to train with Napper Fitness. After a 15-20 minute warm up which consisted of jogging, sprinting on the spot, star jumps, press ups and a series of stretching, Napper set up the HIIT circuit which was going to push the nine boohooMAN team members to the limit.

The circuit consisted of nine exercises, designed to hit every body part after completion. Napper went round each station explaining how to perform each exercise correctly, to ensure the muscle group is being worked to its full potential.

Then it was all systems go! The team started at their initial stations and got to work. Each workout station was completed within a 60 second period with a 10 second interval for each of the team members to move onto their next exercise.

Unfortunately for the boohooMAN team, someone from the head office told him to push the lads to breaking point, so he sent them round the complete circuit not once, not twice but three times!

After some collapsing to catch a breath and a well deserved water break, the team found their last bit of energy to stretch off those tired muscles.

If you want to try the Napper Fitness x boohooMAN workout, take the following nine station circuit to your gym.

  1. Bench press
  2. Squat and jerk
  3. Box jump
  4. Burpies
  5. Squats
  6. Sit ups
  7. Russian twists
  8. Sit ups
  9. Platform steps

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Be sure to share some of your fitness tips with us @boohooMAN.


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