After canceling his highly successful Purpose Tour, the Canadian heart throb has made it up to devastated fans by treating them to a new, upbeat track.

Friends, produced by BloodPop, is a song that joins Justin’s discography of relationship orientated singles. It’s not the first time to two songwriters have collaborated, BloodPop helped with numerous singles on Justin’s Purpose album, including the number one single Sorry; a┬ásong obviously directed towards one of Justin’s many failed relationships, and with lyrics like “I was wonderin’ ’bout your mama, did she get that job she wanted?” and “wonderin’ if you’ve got a body, to hold you tighter since I left”, the new single Friends is no different.

Without pointing the finger at any famous faces, the song also suggests that Justin has come to terms with whoever he’s been wondering about moving on by asking the question “can we still be friends?”. I’m sorry to tell you Justin, but nine times out of ten, that question never ends in a happy friendship; more like a slap in the face and awkward eye contact when you pass each other in public… Or is that just me?

We’re sure Bieber’s name will be at the top of the charts with Friends in no time, but will it break the record breaking number 1 run of Despacito?


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