Ah the tracksuit. It’s been with us since the new generation began to walk. It’s seen plenty of highs and lots of lows – which most of these I’m sure we would rather forget.

They have come a long way since the they were first acceptable to wear outside of the gym and Olympic arena back in the 1970s. The tracksuit birthplace began with sporting stars before slowly being rolled out and available for the public.

Roll on the 80’s and 90’s they had then turned into shell suit-esque attire before making their way into the modern man’s life. I’ve got to admit we have really turned down the brightness shade wise. We’ve gone from Barney purple to burgundy, Pillar box red to pastels and wind proof fabrics luxurious thick cotton.

The boom of 80s/90’s tracksuits was influenced largely by the music industry. Rappers and girl bands made them cool, as before the time of Instagram and bloggers, this is whom we got our style advice and inspiration from. Think RUN DMC, Spice Girls, Jay – Z. They brought them into our life and they became a notable addition to the wardrobe leading into the 2000.

This is where they became a culture. When we say tracksuit, what crosses our mind? Estates? Corner shops? Disembarked bikes left with a spikey dog lead attached to a lamppost? That was the stigma they got when I was growing up. That if you were in a tracksuit then you were up to no good on the streets! This was however until they were starting to be merchandised from a high-end way thus turning them into a luxury. We now had new celebrities back on the trend. Drake, Skepta and Stormzy to name a few, have catapulted tracksuits into the fashion spotlight once again making them the ultimate multifunctioning wardrobe must have.

boohooMAN have transformed new luxury item into an affordable luxury item. We keep the style, the shape and the materials but we get rid of that costly tag. Tracksuit are meant to be comfortable in all situations. The people we know in our every-day lives will go from home to dinner to movies in a tracksuit and it works for all three aspects now.

However, as streetwear has slowly levelled its way into every day wear these matching and highly comfortable unisex designs have now been somewhat put on a pedestal. We worship them for all that they are in their causal yet bold grace.

No longer do we fear being seen popping out for some milk in one. We make a statement. We have come to realise especially in this day an age that fashion is about feeling comfortable and this is where the humble tracksuit peaks.

As of late, joggers and tailored tracksuits sales have soared. There are so many styles, fits and colours available that break the boundaries and have become the smart casual thing to wear. They come in a range of fabrics which boast side panels, block colours and rips and zips. Velour is even making a comeback.

Skinny fit is also a must have like our BoohooMAN one below. This is also even more on trend with the ribbed texture on the sleeves and pockets.

While these original two pieces might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the way they are thriving in the fashion industry now I’m sure they are here to stay. Stay on top of this trend and get yourself a fresh set from the boohooMAN collection. With luxe styles and even a Tyga collab, each tracksuit trend box has been ticked and were only just getting started.

Check out boohooMAN’s full collection of joggers tracksuits here.

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