Idris Elba looks bad ass in the trailer for the film adaptation of the 8 book series written by author Stephen King, ‘The Dark Tower’.

Also staring award winning actor, Matthew McConaughey, the film integrates a wide selection of genres; dark fantasy, science fiction, action, horror and even western themes are incorporated into the film.

In the trailer, we are introduced to Jake Chambers (played by Tom Taylor), an 11 year old boy who sees visions of another dimension, the dark tower and these so called ‘gunslingers’. It’s pretty obvious who he’s referring to as a ‘gunslinger’, as prior to Jake’s introduction, we see some fancy work with a pistol from Idris.

We’re then taken to the other dimension where Jake comes face to face with a ‘gunslinger’, as he explains the premise of the Dark Tower and the ‘man in black’ (Matthew McConaughey) trying to destroy it. The trailer includes some pretty awesome action clips, crazy CGI and hypes up the fight scene between McConaughey & Elba.

The film is due to be in cinemas August 18th.

Check out the trailer below:


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