With the New Year and January blues settling in, resisting the urge to sink into the sofa and watch back to back Netflix episodes is harder than ever. Cold, dark and rainy mornings and nights make us want to do everything to avoid the gym. However, we’ve taken a look at our favourite 2018 fitness trends to get you inspired and thinking of different ways start your new routine.

Boxing + Kick-Boxing

The boxing/boxercise hype has been around for a while however recent months have seen masses flock to boutique classes in studios like 1 Rebel UK, Kobox and BXR London. Featuring darkly lit rooms, neon signage and pumping music. Not near a fancy gym? Try theboxxmethod.com for workouts from home.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) seems to be all that’s talked about when wanting to get fit and lose weight over the last few years. However now it’s all about LIIT. No, that doesn’t mean turning up and heading to the club, it’s the low intensity version. Lower intensity interval workouts have proven by experts to burn the same amount of calories and can work better for those who are less nimble.


Recovery after exercise sessions is becoming a huge focus. Full body 5 minute stretching classes are becoming ever more popular, helping rebalance after a workout avoiding injuries and speeding up muscle repair. Cristiano Ronaldo, Jamie Vardy and numerous other celebs fave alternative method is Cryotherapy, a cold chamber treatment where -160 degree mist cools the whole body, and is sworn by for many athletes.   

Mindful Workouts

We all know how annoying the everyday stresses are of modern life are, that’s why people are hitting two birds with one stone and incorporating meditation and mindfulness into their physical activity. Zoning out and focusing on just your workout brings a stronger connection to your body and can be really satisfying. Either sign up for a mediation led class or incorporate into your existing routine.

Wearable Tech

We know about Fitbits and Apple Watches, but companies like Samsung are playing with smart patches build with advanced technology to track everything your average smartwatch can. Virtual and augmented reality will also become a big player in luxury gyms with spin classes taking you on a 3D interactive adventure.

Animal Flow

Equinox, London hosts ‘Animal Flow’ a class that focuses on movement close to the ground including parkour, break-dancing, gymnastics, free running and circus arts that builds on strength, flexibility, and body control whilst looking rather primitive for a unique and challenging workout. Find out more information here

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