Going on holiday is supposed to be the most relaxing time of the year, but sometimes the long queues and delays at the airport leave most of us feeling zero chill and way more stressed.

Research by Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd. – the UK-based operator of Heathrow Airport – found that 25% of travellers had wait times of over 45 minutes in April 2017, with some even waiting up to 3 hours due to passport control and security requirements.*

Despite most of us feeling prepared when we set out for the airport, a simple re-think of what we wear to travel in could help reduce the delays at security checks and give us more time for pre-holiday shopping or drinks in the bar.

Luckily, we’ve spoke to a flight attendant from leading British low-cost airline Easy Jet to get the low down on the best (and worst) outfits to wear while you travel to ensure your style, comfort and time keeping are nailed for your trip. Here’s what he told us!


What clothing should you wear at the airport/on the plane?

“Keep it comfortable and practical in a tracksuit, especially if you want to get through security checks quickly. In general, long trousers are preferred over shorts, not just for hygienic reasons but also to keep you warm on the plane.”

“Don’t forget to take a sweatshirt, jacket or scarf in your hand luggage to keep the chill from the air conditioning at bay!”

And if you thought air stewards and hostesses didn’t pay attention to what you wear, think again. Our airline insider said:

“Extreme outfits and beachwear are strongly discouraged – not only do they make other travellers uncomfortable but also for hygienic reasons. I’ve had to ask passengers to get dressed previously as they arrived in a bathing suit!”

What shoes should you wear at the airport/on the plane?

“I strongly advise against heels – no one wants to fall over if they’re running to their gate because they’re late. And if you choose not to run because you have heels on, well you may end up missing your flight.”

“Boots are a no-go too – you’re asked to take them off at security to get them scanned which means extra time wasting and causing other passengers to be delayed.”

But what is the perfect footwear to step into holiday mode?

“Trainers, of course. Comfortable footwear is always the best choice.”

And if you want to take them off during your flight, he suggests,

“Bring a pair of slippers like the disposable ones from the hotel. Walking barefoot on the plane is not the best, especially in the toilets.”

What accessories and gadgets are best for the airport/plane?

Be ahead of the game when it comes to security checks and don’t set the metal detectors off with your accessories.

“Belts, bracelets, watches and phones… they all set the metal detector off. Be prepared and put them in a pocket of your hand luggage as soon as you arrive at the airport or even put them in your case. You’ll save loads of time!”

And for the ultimate comfort while flying, he recommends “masks, earplugs and headphones… they’ve got your back when it comes to screaming children and loud passengers. And don’t forget the disinfectant wipes for the tables, arm rests and seatbelts to keep your hygiene in check.”

Don’t be caught out by low cost airlines only allowing you to bring one small bag on board too.

“Always have a small bag or backpack in your suitcase to keep important items such as your wallet phone and laptop so you don’t end up leaving them in the cabin baggage that ends up going in the hold.”

The Best 5 Tips to Rock an Airport Outfit

When it comes to staying on-trend and comfortable for your travels, we spoke to 5 travel influencers to get their best tips on airport outfits. 

1. Choose something baggy and made from breathable fabric

Spanish lifestyle blogger Pablo Heras Palacio (mrtrainers-thelifeofpablo.com) has no doubt about the best airport outfit. “A comfortable T-shirt, maybe a bit baggy, made from breathable fabric is the best airport clothing item for me.”

best airport outfits

And when it comes to bottoms, joggers are his favourite, with the Manchester-based fashion guru explaining, “I know, we all love jeans…but I’ve found that they can be a nightmare when travelling. I prefer to wear joggers and a pair of trainers.”

2. Make sure to tie either a hoodie or a lightweight jacket around your waist

According to Luke Heywood, UK-based fashion blogger and Youtuber (lukeheywoodstyle.co.uk), “wearing something light and comfortable” is key when sorting outfits for an airport.

However, he also explains, “I always make sure I tie either a hoodie or a lightweight jacket around my waist in case I get a little chilly. More so when leaving and coming back to the UK. Those early mornings and late night arrivals are cool in the UK so you need that extra layer.”

3. Layering your clothing allows you complete control of your body temperature

“My most important tip is to have layers”, says Jack Sultana, menswear and fitness blogger (jacksultana.com). “Layering your clothing allows you complete control of your body temperature which will in-turn lead to a greater feeling of comfort.”

best airport outfits

But style is just as important as comfort for the Liverpool-based influencer. “I take travelling to the airport as an opportunity to show off my style… it is a unique experience where you will be meeting and interacting with a whole range of people from all-over the world, so why not show off your individuality?”

4. Shades will be your best friend for hiding those tired travel eyes

When it comes to airport outfits, Manchester lifestyle influencer Remi Akande (remiakande.com) is happy to share his best advice, saying, “The key is not to go too overboard with your travel outfit. Keep it simple for minimal effort with maximum impact.”

“The key to a successful travel outfit is to stick to one colour palette. I make it easier for myself by picking one key colour to build my travel outfit around.”

“Last but not least, always pack some sunglasses.  Shades will be your best friend, for hiding those tired travel eyes.”

5. Don’t be lazy with your packing, and be adventurous with your outfit choices

For Aidan Gardner, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Cumbria (allaboutaidan.com), outfit planning is an absolute must-do before flying on holiday.

best airport outfits

“Make sure you plan your outfits for the whole trip; from your airport outfit, to your best swimwear to capture your beach bod looking a 10.” And being bold is important too, with him going on to say,

“Wear something you maybe wouldn’t usually wear. There’s nothing more regretful than looking back at your holiday pics wishing your outfit was sharper and smarter to match the gorgeous scenery behind you of your epic holiday destination.”


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