Christmas has come early for X-Men fans, as the guys at 20th Century Fox decided to release a whole bunch of premiers for their next instalment of R-rated mutant movies.

After its smash success in 2016, Deadpool returns to cinemas June 1st, 2018 and with it comes the high expectations set by its first release. The film became the world’s highest-grossing, R-rated film at $783.1 million, a roll-over against its budget of $58 million. It also gained critics approval, being nominated for two Golden Globes for best motion picture and best motion picture actor, comedy or musical.

Deadpool 2 also comes under pressure from the recent ‘Logan’ film, another R-rated mutant movie from 20th Century Fox. This too saw huge success, acquiring $603 million from a $97 million budget. 20th Century Fox are moving away from the conventional super-hero movie, and they’re clearly doing it right.

Checkout the teaser trailer for Deadpool 2:

Before we are blessed with Ryan Reynolds playing ‘The Merc with a Mouth’, The New Mutants will be on the big screen April 13, 2018. The film follows a group of young mutants comprised of the first graduates of Charles Xavier’s school.

Last but surely not least, 20th Century Fox announced the release of, The Dark Phoenix. Game of Thrones’, Sophie Turner will reprise her role as Jean Grey and showcase her Phoenix powers in another X-Men spin-off. The film hits cinemas November 2nd.

The news comes after Fox unveiled that there will be more Avatar films. Remember the film with the big blue people that lived in the sacred forest? Yeah, well there is going to be four more.

It seems like every week there is a new super hero, super villain or mutant movie coming out and with new faces popping up in films left right and centre, we’re going to be up to our necks in these films for years. But who’s complaining? If they’re as good as Deadpool and Logan, then bring on the movies.


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