Accessories at the hidden gem to any outfit. You could have your street style on point or your suit game strong, but it’s the added features that can really tie your look together. We thought we’d share a number of accessories that we think you’ll need for SS18.

Bum bags and cross body bags are causing a fashion frenzy and we predict they are going to hit this season hard. The practical bum bag, or if you’re American, fanny pack, once made for keeping your valuables close and in a position no stranger would dare go, no longer sits around the waist of the stereotypical Dad at Disneyland, but is now a frequent feature seen on catwalks around the globe.

For me, bum bags & cross body bags have become more and more popular over the past five years, helped profusely by the festival scene, and it seems the frenzy isn’t slowing down. Recently, the styles have made their way onto the designs and completed looks of some of the biggest names in fashion, taking their status from tourist essential, to doing bits at Milan Fashion Week.

However, the way in which the bum bag is worn is what’s taking the fashion world by surprise. You can’t just put the bag around your waist, no that’s not fashion, the bag now sits on your chest/stomach by putting one of the straps over your shoulder and under your other arm – you know, like the one strap backpack that every new high school starter has, but smaller and on your chest.

This is a trend that we are certainly a fan(ny pack) of as there are a number of ways to wear the accessory. Go subtle with a monocoloured pack which compliments and sits aesthetically with the rest of your outfit, or make your pack stand out by making it the focus feature of your outfit with bold colours, slogans, studs and embroidery – so, will you be rocking the bum bag this season?

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It’s time to get your head in the game with our next accessory as we shift our focus onto caps. Caps have become an essential addition to completed looks and are no longer associated with skater, surfer and urban street styles, but now reign supreme in prestigious fashion weeks and global shows.

If I was going to a pretty swanky meal or heading out for the night, I would never even consider a cap for the fear of being turned away by the bouncer, or getting stared at whilst trying to enjoy my calamari starter; but now caps are considered the norm.

The cap has come into its own and have grown in popularity throughout men’s fashion. There are countless styles to choose from; 5 panel, snap-back, baker boy, trucker and with the help of (by order of) the Peaky Blinders, flat caps are back in style. And it’s not just the style you can choose from as we have caps made from wool, faux, suede and cotton materials; a stylish and comfortable way to top off your look.

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The final accessory I’m going to touch on in this article is jewellery. Now personally, I only started to delve into jewellery last year; I didn’t think id suit it, I didn’t know which to get, I had no idea about size and I didn’t want it to be too ‘showy’. But I took the plunge and now I can’t get enough of it. Putting on watches, rings, bracelets and necklaces have become second nature to me and I’m not looking back. 

I will admit, it’s not for everyone. Not everyone feels comfortable with a pendant swinging from their neck or having something hugging their wrist after years of them being naked, but if you’re interested in adding some jewelry to your look, then go for it. Start subtle with a necklace tucked into your t-shirt so only the chain is showing or a try a thin bracelet. Then once you start feeling comfortable and used to having these accessories, take it up a notch by choosing a bold coloured necklace with an eye catching charm, or combine a watch and a ring on the same hand; the options are endless.

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