Whether you loved or hated them, it’s hard to imagine that any lad in the world hasn’t envisioned a day in the life of a member of One Direction. As one of the biggest boy bands ever, we thought we’d look into what the lads are up to now.

After Zayn’s abrupt departure from the band in 2015, the remaining members toured and later decided to take a break from being the mighty, One Direction, and have been doing their own thing. Whether it’s becoming parents, starring in films or dropping their own music, the guys have been very busy over the past year.

Harry Styles

We might as well start with one of the most talked about members of One Direction at the moment, Harry Styles. Harry’s new album came out last week and he’s been here there and everywhere promoting it. He’s recently performed on The Late Late show and has caused twitter to go into a styles frenzy as the hashtag #LateLateStyles is trending. He’s even taken over their twitter account.

We admire how genuine Styles has been since returning into the limelight; talking about his ex’s and other parts of his personal life.

Harry’s dipped his toes in the acting pool as he’s starred alongside A-list actors, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh in the World War II film, Dunkirk. Harry must be good to be in the same cast as these amazing actors and for his first role to be in such a serious and highly anticipated movie, it may be his first of many appearances on the big screen.

Niall Horan

As well as getting rid of his iconic bleach hair, Niall spent a majority of his time off playing sports for charities and plenty golf with a handful of his celebrity friends. Niall was the first of the remaining lads to release his first solo single, “This Town”, released in September last year. It hit the top 10 in the UK charts and surprised us all with his acoustic folk vibe.

Niall has been pretty busy winning awards for his solo music and this summer season is set to make appearances at a number of festivals. He recently performed at the 102.7 Kiss FM Wango Tango Weekend in California, alongside the likes of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Maroon 5. Competing with his ex-band mates, Niall has released his new single, “Slow hands”.

Louis Tomlinson

Tomlinson has been busy being a dad and writing new music. He performed his track ‘Just Hold On’, with Steve Aoki in December of last year and performed it on the Finale of the X-Factor. After appearing as a guest judge at the judge’s houses audition, it seems Luis may be heading into the talent scouting business as he’s been rumored to have started a girl band with Simon Cowell and is apparently going to be a new judge on Americas Got Talent.

Liam Payne

Liam has been kind of ghost lately, and he has right to do so since his new baby, Bear Payne, was born with ex-X-factor judge, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

Liam is the only group member out of the original boy band who hasn’t released any music since the split, but last week he leaked some of his new track on Instagram. It’s called “Strip That Down”, which is set to come out on the 19th of this month. From what we can hear the track is pretty upbeat and we feel a kind of RnB/POP vibe, so we are excited to see the musical genre route Liam goes down.

They may not be One Direction anymore but whatever direction the lads are going in, we’re pretty sure they’ll smash it.


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