After a summer of love, heartbreak, being ‘pied’ and becoming the most talked about names in the UK! We grabbed three of this year’s Love Island lads, fresh from their unforgettable time in the villa and got them in our studio to shoot some smart, streetwear and summer looks.

We managed to pull Marcel, Alex & this year’s love island winner Kem away from their new found loves, to dress them in some stylish boohooMAN outfits.

Alex & Marcel showcase some of our most popular printed shirts, whilst the king of the island posed in some of our MAN range!

You can shop the MAN range here.

The lads then showcased some of our ripped jeans, embroidery tees & summer orientated vests.

MAN like Marcel in our MAN red box logo tee!

Kem jumped on the embroidery hype in one of our floral designs.



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