I spy with my little eye, a band wearing boohooMAN.

That’s right, we’ve kitted out The Tide for their new music video for ‘Put The Cuffs On Me’. Lead singer Austin Corini shows us how to rock the layered look with a distressed t-shirt and zipped bomber jacket. The four lads from Califronia, Austin CoriniLevi JonesNate ParkerDrew Dirksen, have just finished their UK tour, where they have been spotted wearing plenty of boohooMAN gear.

They’ve also supported The Vamps, who played a huge part in creating the band by holding auditions for a ‘secret project’ back in 2015. The Tide started uploading videos to YouTube and started gaining thousands of fans.

Take a look at their music video and see if you can spot the boohooMAN products.

You can keep up with the latest trends on boohooman.com.


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