Tracksuits have certainly made their way up the fashion industry ladder; from being considered as a popular casual wear or ‘only for sport’ option, to becoming statement pieces for some of the most prestigious brands around the globe. Tracksuits still remain the forefront of casual and comfy clothing, but more and more variations of the popular outfit choice are being brought to light. We’ve got the low down on the most on trend tracksuits around and we’ll also share our favourite tracksuits which you can purchase from so you can stay on track.

The tracksuit that gets our first vote is velour. The plush, knitted fabric creates a unique look, and obviously feel, which is seen profusely in street style posts and worn by the likes of Drake, Kanye & P.Diddy just to name a few. Here are our on-site favourites:

  1. Velour Panelled Skinny Fit Sweater Tracksuit 
  2. Skinny Fit Velour Hooded Tracksuit 
  3. Skinny Velour Stripe Tracksuit 

Staying on the topic of tracksuit textures, the next style we are going to mention is tricot. The thin and smooth textured knit on these tracksuits keeps them light and breathable. Here are our on-site favourites:

  1. Panelled Tricot Sweater Tracksuit 
  2. Skinny Fit Tricot Tracksuit 
  3. Muscle Fit Tricot Tracksuit 

Next on the list is colour block tracksuits. Touching on the vintage and retro side of things, colour block tracksuits bring together both contrasting and complimenting colour schemes which make a serious style statement. Here are our on-site favourites:

  1. Skinny Colour Block Sweater Tracksuit 
  2. Skinny Fit Colour Block Hooded Tracksuit 
  3. Colour Block Hooded Tracksuit 

Tracksuits with side panels and piping are a personal favourite. Like the colour block tracksuits, these too touch on a retro inspired style. The simplistic details added allow you to spruce up your tracksuit with subtle colours and shapes. Here are our on-site favourites:

  1. Skinny Contrast Panel Hooded Tracksuit 
  2. Over The Head Hooded Tracksuit With Side Tape
  3. Skinny Fit Panel Tracksuit 

A new style becoming more and more popular are funnel neck tracksuits. The zip up, modern style of the funnel neck tracksuit comes in handy when it’s a bit nippy and gives your tracksuit that extra bit of flair. Here are our onsite favourites:

  1. Skinny Fit Leopard Funnel Tracksuit
  2. Skinny Funnel Tracksuit With Panel 
  3. Skinny Fit Funnel Tracksuit with Panel 

Last but not least, our MAN tracksuits are taking off! Check out the latest additions below:

  1. Skinny Fit MAN Dash Tape Hood Tracksuit 
  2. Skinny Fit MAN Signature Tape Hood Tracksuit
  3. Skinny Fit MAN Reflective Tracksuit

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