Marvel have been smashing their films out of the park with the humorous outings, especially with Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy. The third in the series of Thor films takes this straight on board and delivers an enjoyably fun romp through Asgard and beyond, with a streak of 21st Century banter that adds so much to Chris Hemsworth’s incarnation of the God of Thunder.

A few years have passed since the battle of Sokovia and all seems peaceful in Asgard, until Odin (Father of Thor and Loki) passes away, meaning that Hela, daughter of Odin and Goddess of Death (Cate Blanchett) will be able to escape the prison she was sealed in long ago. Hello wreaks havoc on Asgard, with the intention of expanding the empire and continuing her quest for power. Meanwhile Thor and Loki escape, ending up stuck on a planet rife with garbage, betting and gladiator-style fights. While not a high risk plot, the fun that follows breaths fresh light into the Thor series and makes you think again about who might be your favourite Avenger.

As are all Marvel films, the cinematography is stunning. You definitely feel like you’re being transported from world to world, and the overall epic mood created lets you get lost in the action and sense of thrill. Chris Hemsworth is clearly enjoying this different take on Thor while still retaining his God-like stature. The jokes are fresh too, not forced but modern and nicely bridges the gap to a more Earth-Conditioned character. Tom Hiddleston perfectly portrays the snaky adopted brother Loki, yet again not straight laced but perfectly setting up for some great oneliners at his own expense. Newcomer Cate Blanchett as the through-and-through evil Hela oozes destruction and wickedness, especially in fight scenes that see swords flying from her hands and rapid speeds, slicing soldiers apart and leaving you wondering how she’ll be stopped.

Sometimes, the CGI lets Hela down and makes her feel more inorganic and jumpy, but the overall effect is definitely fitting for the Goddess of War. The biggest stand out character is Korg, a South African warrior on this distant planet that absolutely blasts through some of the funniest lines in film this year. You’re left wanting so much more that you’re given, but it’s enough to keep the balance between the classic Marvel tale and an offshoot comedy.

For someone who’s barely seen any of the Marvel franchise, there was little stopping me from fully engaging in the character and story without missing out on too many story points. It’s a cracker of a film that shows Marvel is thinking past the gritty superhero takes and allowing other characters, not just Tony Stark, to find an element of humanity and hilarity that is winning over audiences. Next up; Black Panther and somewhat of a new direction, but Ragnarok makes me want to go back and pick up right from the very start.

Take a look at the trailer below:

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