We caught up with singer-songwriter Bobii Lewis to discuss his career, life on tour with the likes of Rita Ora and Craig David, and his new single, ‘The Reason’.
How did you first get into music?
I come from a home that always played Reggae and soul music so that was the initial instigator. But when I was forced to sing a solo in school choir I realised I could sing – at 12 years old I did a solo at Royal Albert Hall and got a standing ovation. That confirmed it was the path for me.
What song have you got on repeat at the moment?
Theophilus London – Bebey Ft. Giggs &  Jay Rock – Win are currently getting spun every day! 
When and where was your first ever live set?
My first live set as Bobii Lewis was in Hackney in front of 100 people tops, I remember being so nervous. I was 17 and the only song I can remember doing in the set is Off the Wall by MJ!
If you could collaborate with any other artist, past or present, who would it be and why?
It would have to be Bob Marley. The man behind the music had a huge amount of empathy for the world around him and I pride myself on good values. That’s why his music stands the test of time, every song has a message or story. His music felt like the perfect blend of love and pain and always lifts my spirit. 
How did working with Not3s come about?
I went in a session with my boy IO, the next day he was in with Not3s who heard the record and laid a verse down straight away!
What’s been your biggest achievement to date?
I’m just grateful to be able to make a living off of music so I always find it hard to answer these type of questions ha! My biggest achievement is probably doing music with and supporting Craig David. I remember being young & my bro had ‘Born To Do It’ on repeat, my whole family loved his music so it’s amazing for them to see I’m working with a legend, and for me to know how far I’ve come.
What was the first gig you ever went to?
First gig I went to was Jagged Edge @ o2 Indigo almost 10 years ago now. 
You’ve been supporting Craig David and Rita Ora, what’s it been like to work with them?
I’d love to work with Rita but still haven’t quite met her properly as we only did 2 shows together. As for Craig, he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’ve met some inflated egos in this industry, but he still has the hunger & professionalism of a new artist. Have to respect it!

You recently played Reading and Leeds festival, how was that experience and the reaction from the crowd?
I had a great time, it was a vibe. Look forward to going back next year!
Tell us a bit about your latest single, ’Never Leave’?
I made the track with production duo Laconic a while ago so it’s great to have it out there. 

Last but not least, what else can we expect from you moving forward? We understand there’s a new single in the works?
The single dropping this month is called ‘The Reason’ and it goes off everywhere when performing it live so I can’t wait! There’s a bunch of new records in the works too, 2 projects worth so keep your eyes and ears open!
Bobii’s new single, The Reason, is out now. Listen on Spotify now.

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