We caught up with DJ Low Steppa to chat all things music, fashion, career highlights & much more…

When did you first realise you could make a career in music?

Well that took a long time, I think it was around 10 years into it that I finally stopped my day job, I never did it at the start for money and I think that’s maybe why I’ve been rewarded? It was all just love of music and turntables. It’s a blessing to be able to do this for a living and I often remind myself of those long days sat at a desk hating life haha, I’ll never take this for granted!

Name three artists you had on your playlist when you were younger?

So off the top of my head Jamiroquai, I was obsessed with them, I say them because to me it was a band, I know some people refer to him but there you go. I used to listen to Jamiroquai for hours on end! Prodigy was big for me as a kid, The Experience really shaped my taste buds. Orbital were big for me as well, Snivilization and Insides!

Where and when was your first ever live performance?

I played a bar in Stafford a couple of months after getting my first set of decks, my friend got me a little set and I remember throwing up in the toilets before I went on, so nervous, I was about 18, wow all those years ago! It went well though and I played there a few times after that.

What’s the best part of being a DJ?

For me its simply that reaction and enjoyment from the crowd, the compliments after, being appreciated, I do it for the people, that’s my buzz, if they love it I love it.

If you could collaborate with one other artist, past or present, who would it be?


Have you got any new music out right now which you can tell us about?

My latest track is ‘You’re My Life’ on Defected Records, its like a tribute to the disco house stuff I was p[laying back in the day and its on a label that started the same year I started DJing so it all feels perfect for that release!

What song have you got on repeat at the moment? 

Well it’s actually a melodic techno track by a guy I discovered recently called Griffin Paisley, the track is called ‘Dream Alone’, I went for a walk the other night and had it on repeat for an hour! Check him out!

What has been your career highlight? 

There are so many, becoming friends with some of my heroes like Roger Sanchez, Brian Tappert, Todd Terry etc. Playing at Café Mambo is always special as is playing in Ibiza in general! Playing Burning Man or Womb In Tokyo, so many great memories. If I had to pick one it would be getting my Defected track through the post on vinyl, it really brought it all home, the whole journey, the highs, the lows, was a truly magical moment.

Where and when was your most memorable performance and why? 

I think last year at Lab11 Birmingham I did my first Boiling Point Party, it sold out and that feeling of 600 people there to see me was something I can’t even describe.

Where, when & who gave your most memorable performance and why? 

I think the set I enjoyed the most ever was Jody Wisternoff at Burning Man, It was surreal, we were up on a video wall in the desert at Burning Man and he played the most amazing deep house set, real deep house that is. I cried the whole set, I still don’t really understand what happened, wow gives me goose bumps thinking about it.

Funniest thing that’s happened to you whilst playing a set?

Erm, well a few weeks ago in Ibiza I did a worker’s party for Defected and there were 5 power cuts during my set but each time the music came back on it got crazier and crazier lol. I might start incorporating power cuts in all my sets.

How do you spend your down time?

Lately I’ve been walking a lot, really helps me clear my head and think about things. Sounds boring but its massively underrated.

Where can we see you playing next?

Lots of Ibiza dates, festivals, USA again in June, LA and San Diego etc.

Are you playing or attending any festivals this year?

We Are FSTVL, Defected London FSTVL, Splash House USA, Paradiso USA, 18 Hours Holland, that’s a few I can think of right now.

Are you going on a lad’s holiday?

 I need one, last one was in 2004!

If I wasn’t a DJ I’d be a…

Maths teacher.

Favourite film & TV series?

Favourite film…. Scarface, series… Breaking Bad.

Drink of choice on a night out? 

Vodka Cranberry.

If you could have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

Beans on Toast.

Dream girl?

Kiera Knightley.

Describe your style/fashion?

Love oversized, I hate not be able to move when I DJ! Love Skinny jeans, love high tops. Got a pair of YSL at the moment with a faded vibe.

Who’s your biggest style inspiration? 

I really had to think about this which means I don’t think I have one I just do my thing.

What would you wear on a night out?

Black skinny jeans, loud shirt and some louboutins, job done!


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