Pharrell Williams, Skateboard P, whatever you call him, there is no denying that he tops most of the style charts. Fusing formalwear with sportswear, he’s not shy when it comes to expressing his personal style in a way that only he can. The artist recently welcomed triplets into the world and as a way of saying congratulations we’re making the enigmatic rapper-designer our boohooMAN Of The Moment.

Graphic tees, loud prints, the occasional bit of graffiti and distressed denim are no strangers to Pharrell’s street-ready look but it’s his penchant for the unusual which sets him apart. Shorts for a red carpet event? No issue, it’s P.

Don’t Sweat It Pharrell

MZZ74317  MZZ71004  MZZ79356

Double Denim, Pharrell?

MZZ74320   MZZ76081  MZZ77404

Hiding In Plain Sight Pharrell

MZZ74899  MZZ75875  MZZ77788


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