Happy National Cookie Day! In celebration, we headed down to mycookiedough to try out some of their best sellers and new products!

First up: The Sl***y Brownie

Created by boohooMAN favourite @tomsbigeats, this stack starts with a milk chocolate cookie dough base, layered with crushed Oreos, and a triple chocolate brownie covered in melted Nutella!

Next up: S’mores

This stack starts with a triple chocolate brownie base, cooked with marshmallows on top to allow extra gooeyness! Topped with a fully baked Biscoff cookie dough and covered with a generous portion of melted Biscoff spread and covered in Biscoff crumbs!

Finally: The Kinder Bueno Shake

You thought we were done and ready to leave after two stacks? Absolutely not! We finished the trip with a Kinder Bueno shake, compromising of cookie dough, ice cream, Nutella and blended with a very generous amount of Kinder chocolate! Topped with whipped cream, this shake is not one for the faint hearted!

With locations in Cardiff, London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester, mycookiedough is the best place to spend National Cookie Day!


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