There are plenty of rumours flying around the internet about the new iPhone 8. Rumoured to come out this September, we’ve gathered our five favourite features that are supposedly going to be on the new and improved device.

  1. Apparently there will no longer be a home button. Instead, the finger print system will be on the glass screen, which means means an even bigger screen size.
  2. You’ll no longer need to connect your phone to a power source to charge it, as it’s believed apple are introducing wireless chargers. This will surely solve the problem flimsy cables snapping all the time.
  3. A USB port compatible with the iPhone? This will make our lives so much easier.
  4. Rumour has it that the new iPhone will be more affordable, costing around £300 less than the latest model.
  5. All glass everything. Now we don’t know how happy we are about this rumour but, instead of the aluminium back of the current iPhone, it will now be made of glass. If this is true, it better be strong glass as we’ve all had that fatal cracked screen… So is there a bigger risk of a smashed up iPhone?

Will these new features have you setting up camp outside the apple store the night before the release?


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