It’s time to fix up, look sharp with boohooMAN’s new tailoring collection. We’ve taken our suit game to the next level with a range of refined styles so you can dress to impress this spring.

If you’ve purchased a suit before, you’ll be more than familiar with the difficult task of finding a modern style that doesn’t make you move like Peter Crouch’s impression of the robot. If it’s your first time buying a suit then trust me, it’s a long hauled process of extensive changing room visits and disappointment when your suit doesn’t match the James Bond inspired vision you had in your head when you set off on your suit mission. But why be disappointed? Wearing a suit is a distinctive experience and owning one has you craving the next time you can basically look the sh*t!

Our upgraded fabrics and fits are more fashionable than ever and have been hand-picked by our expert designers to create an unmatchable look with a comfortable and flattering fit. These suits portray a classic appearance; one that’s been improved and modernised to have you looking and feeling like a 21st century Peaky Blinder!

There is no point in playing it safe with your suit! You want to make a statement and what better way to emphasise that statement than with characteristic patterns and colour combinations.

You’ll turn heads with our choice of complementing colour schemes, checked and striped patterned options that can be worn as whole piece outfits or as individual items to wear at all types of formal occasions. But don’t stop there, combine your slick and stylish outfit with some smart accessories like ties, braces and belts to complete your look and shop our shoes to make sure you look stylish from head to toe!

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