This will have spoilers so watch before you read.

Rick and Morty fans lost their sh*t this April Fool’s Day with a surprise release of season 3 episode 1. Creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have been keeping fans in suspense by promoting the new season but give no indication of a release date. However, on Saturday the new episode finally aired from the 3rd season, completely out of the blue.

Well, not completely out of the blue. Prior to the release, creator Dan Harmon replied to a fan on twitter who was asking for the show’s return saying: “What if I waved a magic wand and made the first episode from season three premiere tonight. Is that what you’d want?”. Obviously thousands of people replied and the boom, the lovable Rick and Morty were back on our screens causing a rush of fans to Adult Swim and a reply tweet from Harmon: “happy now mother FUCKA”.

The episode is no longer on the Adult Swim website but has made its way round the internet. I’ve watched it and it’s class. We get to see how Earth looks under the control of the Galactic Federation, Rick’s escape and his return to his dysfunctional family. The episode is jam packed and opens up further character development as it looks like Jerry and Beth are getting divorced.

A small glimpse into the new season has us desperate for a release date. Maybe I’ll tweet Dan Horman and see if he replies. But we do know the show is back this summer and we can’t wait for it!

If you’ve not seen Rick and Morty, you can get both series 1 & 2 on Netflix and online at the Adult Swim website.



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