Introducing our latest series ‘VERSUS’, where your favourite content creators Asmxlls, A1 2 Funny, Fu Izzy and Jemel One Five go head-to-head in a series of nasty challenges to determine who comes out on top.

Try not to laugh too hard while they face a super spicy challenge, permanent marker fun and a painful waxing. This YouTube series features exclusive behind the scenes footage that’s guaranteed to get you hooked in no time. With our creator’s natural comedic talent and infectious personalities, they will keep you entertained from start to finish. A1 2 Funny, Asmxlls, Fu Izzy, and Jemel one five are all successful social media creators who have built a large following by creating funny, relatable, and entertaining content that various audiences watch around the world. Now, they have combined their talents to create our ‘VERSUS’ series that showcases their humour and creativity.

Each episode of ‘VERSUS’ features a different theme, and the contestants are tasked with completing a series of funny and tough dares. From trying to make each other laugh to attempting to do something completely out of their comfort zone, the challenges are always hilarious and unpredictable.

Watch now to see how they get on! Like what you see? Start the binge watch now and stay tuned for another three episodes dropping every Thursday, you don’t want to miss this. Click the link to subscribe to the official YouTube channel of leading menswear fashion brand and never miss a video again. Expect behind the scenes footage, exclusive celebrity interviews, challenges, clothing hauls and much more!

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