Yeah, these winter days are dragging, but spring break is just around the corner. You’re not the only one counting down the days – trust us. What it going to be this year? The beautiful sandy beaches of Cancun? The lights and glitz of Las Vegas? Maybe some scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta? Your potential spring break destinations are endless, but there’s one thing that is the same.

No matter the scene you choose, if you want to fit in at party time then you need to wear the right stuff. Forget the jeans and sweater, this isn’t Dead Poet’s Society. This is Spring Breakers! We’re talking comfortable shorts, printed shirts, cool tank tops – the ultimate spring break outfit.

But it’s so easy to just wear the same shorts and tee! Spring break vacations are all about fun, sun, and parties, so why bother worrying about clothes? We get it. Packing for spring break is a challenge and that’s why most guys just ignore it. But you, you’re up for a challenge, right?

Kick back and let us fill your spring break packing list with the best and the trendiest. You’ll thank us later.

Spring Break is a great chance to push boundaries and have fun with your outfits. Match co-ordinating accessories with shirt and short sets and clash band tees with bright printed shirts. From pastels to brights, colour is key this year. Mix and match co-ords and prints, and layer up accessories with matching bucket hats or bags and socks and team with a classic MAN branded slider.

Penelope Armstrong (boohooMAN Senior Menswear Designer)

What to Wear on Spring Break 2020 for Guys?

Spring break outfits for guys don’t get enough attention, but here’s a lesson you need to learn.

What you wear says more than you think. Don’t fall for lie that spring break is all about flip-flops and baggy board shorts – no. Want to be a winner? You have to dress like one.

Who do you want to be on your spring break? The right spring break fashion says a lot about a guy. Are you laid back? Cool and composed? Ready for some fun?

The great thing about spring break fashion? You can make it into whatever you want. No matter your destination here are our top 5 picks for your packing list.

1. Short sets

Stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching short set. Co-ords and sets are a must have for your spring break look. Dress them up for a night at the bar or dress them down for a day at the beach. Sets are the effortless way to look put together and send out the ultimate spring break vibes.

what to wear on spring break guys

2. Printed shirts

Want to catch someone’s eye? Make a statement with a bold printed shirt. So versatile, so comfortable, so trendy, they’ll be your go-to, guaranteed. You can instantly up your fashion game when you pair your printed shirt with whatever else you’ve got on hand.

what to wear on spring break guys

3. Colored denim

If you’re ready to be wild, then leave the boring blue jeans behind! Spring break fashion is all about the color, so get creative and you’ll be sure to stand out from all the beach bums. Colorful denim shorts or jackets really make your outfit pop, so get ready for some compliments.

what to wear on spring break guys

4. Tank tops

Speaking of versatile men’s spring break clothes, bringing a few quality tank tops is a mustWear them windsurfing with your swim shorts or pair them with your co-ords, there’s nothing a good tank top can’t do.

what to wear on spring break guys

5. Bucket hats

Spring break outfits for guys are not complete without a bucket hat. You’ll look cool, composed, and oh-so-impressive with the right hat to round off your ensemble. You only get so many spring breaks, so might as well dress to impress, right?

what to wear on spring break guys

Get Your Fashion on!

Who says guys can’t be fashionable? Stuff your suitcase with these essential fashion items, jump on that plane and get ready for the time of your life. If you want to be the king of the party then you can’t be that guy who always wears the same shirt.

Step up your game this spring break with the ultimate outfit and there’s no telling what could happen!


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