With the new year comes a fresh dose of optimism and new hope – reflected in the fashion mixes and bright colours of Spring/Summer 2021 (SS21) men’s fashion.

You’ll find it easy to navigate what’s ‘in’ this season as it’s the perfect setting for a style chameleon – from the structured, clean lines of minimalist fashion to more relaxed, comfy, oversized choices.

So, if you ever find yourself rummaging through your wardrobe for something that’s ‘in’ or checking out what’s new online, here’s your style guide for men’s Spring/Summer trends this 2021.

Utility, street and athletic leisurewear all make a comeback as the season’s style emphasis remains to be comfort and freedom of movement.

Penelope Armstrong (boohooMAN Senior Menswear Designer)


The Spring/Summer 2021 trend spells good news for those who have a little bit of everything from past seasons in their closet. So, take a look at these trends and see if all your wardrobe needs is a bit of updating.


There seems to be no letting go of the utility trend as fashion continues to be fascinated with the many facets of the military uniform, safari look and workwear.

Cargo pants and utility vests adorned with multiple pockets reign supreme, with some silhouettes taking on a distinctively monochrome military essence. This time, however, utility wear also comes in unexpected shades of lilacs, purples, pinks and other pastel colours.

So, go ahead and channel your inner Riddick or Mad Max, and start slaying.

Bombers and varsity jackets

Making a big splash (yet again) on the men’s fashion scene is the perennially popular bomber jacket and its next of kin, the varsity jacket. But if you can’t seem to tell the difference between them, let’s segue a bit and explain.

The primary difference between the two is that usually varsity jackets have differently coloured sleeves. They also have a button closure, plus stripes on the waistband, cuffs and collar. Bombers, on the other hand, usually come in a single solid colour.

Since we’re talking about comebacks, the 2021 Spring/Summer versions of the bomber and varsity jacket are less maximalist, cleaner and leaner than in previous seasons.


Surprise-surprise! The optimistic spirit of the season is reflected in the playful array of graphic prints, bold neo prints, paisley patterns, nautical notes and bandana accents (and more) making an appearance on T-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits and other types of outerwear.

Added to the mix is the use of colour-block patterns – a formula seen in a few high-fashion brands that showcased their famous monograms and logos combined with these fun print options.

Detail denim

There’s a lot of throwback romance going on in the denim scene – as if jeans were not timeless enough! For the 2021 Spring/Summer fashion scene, printed denim, patterned denim, badge details, bungee details, utility details and lots of retro silhouettes are making a big comeback.

So don’t be surprised to see high waists, flared pants, unexpected colours and plenty of retro vibes. Of course, you always have the option to stick with your distressed denim and skinny jeans. But why not make an adventure of it and explore some older denim shapes?

Go flared and grunge by pairing your loose tees with That 70s Show-inspired jeans and chunky shoes. But this is just one of the looks you can experiment with as you navigate this coming season’s fashion.


If you’ve ever wondered if the tie-dye prints from last season are going away anytime soon, our quick answer is: No.

In fact, you can hold on to your tie-dye collection or start shopping for a few pieces that you’ll be sure to wear and hold on to this 2021. Tie-dye has been making its rounds in a number of denim collections, so it’s sure to stay.

What’s great about it is you need not go all out psychedelic. You can go subtle by wearing smaller tie-dye pieces combined with ‘tamer’ ones, or go bold with all the bright colours this fashion trend is known for.

Check shirts

The distinctly masculine check shirt is a fashion staple you’re sure to have in your wardrobe. But you can never have enough checks, can you?

This Summer/Spring 2021, quilted, hooded, printed check shirts and overshirts will be all the rage. So, hold on to your checks and keep adding new ones to your closet because checks will never go out of style.

Wide-leg bottoms

So we checked with our style crew and found out the flared jeans aren’t your only wide-leg bottom options.

If you’re a big fan of everything comfy and loose, you’ll be happy to know that oversized, boxy, stacked leg and relaxed bottoms are among the creative hallmarks of Summer/Spring 2021 men’s fashion. You can definitely go big or go home with pants that are not only on trend but also so comfy you can wear them all day, every day.

For Summer-Spring 2021, you and the boys have plenty of colour options to match your moods. And hey, it’s 2021, so there’s no need to think that there are certain colours made only for blokes or for gals.


Whether it’s T-shirts, Bermuda shorts, jackets, trousers or hoodies, you’ll be seeing plenty of lilac brightening up the streets of London. You don’t need to go on a full lilac colour block either because there are plenty of lilac accessories to choose from, like hats, socks and bandanas.


With lilac making its rounds in the fashion scene, it’s no surprise its mother colour purple is out and about again. The colour intensity of purple makes it style-appropriate for evening or night time soirees. Or you can have splashes of it with prints – on pants, innerwear, outerwear and everything else in between.


The refreshing hue that’s green is another big Summer/Spring 2021 colour trend – and it’s not limited to utility or military-style fashion. It’s been spotted in bright prints of chartreuse, muted forest green and Zen sea foam.

Bright hues

When it comes to colour trends, it seems that the fashion world has gone all out – going beyond the Pantone’s official 2021 colour that is yellow. Bright hues this coming season are all about neon prints on virtually everything – shoes, socks, trousers, tops and anything else you could wear.

Blue denim

Shocking to find blue denim on this list, right? Wrong!

Blue denim is never ever going away. And we’re pretty happy with that because it just looks good in everything – bona fide jeans, shirts, sportswear and so on. Best of all, you know it looks great on you.

Spring/Summer 2021 Men’s Outfit Ideas

Take-Home Message

Summer-Spring 2021 trends for men are all about having the freedom to choose and mixing and matching different looks. There’s no one specific trend to go for because you decide what looks great on you.


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