At the recent Fashion Weeks in London, New York, and Milan we got a glimpse of what we’ve got to look forward to for SS20. However, back in the real world, spring is still a long way off! We’ve enjoyed a bit of an Indian summer this year, but that true autumn weather is well and truly on the way.

It’s time to start thinking about your wardrobe for the coming season, and we’ve identified some of the hottest menswear trends this autumn and winter to help you out.

Key fabrics for AW19 include rainbow reflective, high shine and borg. In terms of colours, primary colours are clashed with neutral palettes.

Penelope Armstrong (boohooMAN Senior Menswear Designer)


1. Oversized Puffer Jackets

Oversized, futuristic outerwear will be one of the foundational trends this season, as demonstrated in the many long-line puffer jackets that made their way down the catwalk.

The look for AW19 teams the oversized puffy silhouettes with futuristic metallic fabrics, industrial elements, and bold, multidirectional typography on a minimal colour palette.

AW19 fashion trends for men

2. Outdoor Gear with an Urban Twist

The outerwear focus continues with the trend of bringing technical outerwear down from the mountains and onto the streets. This look has a spirit of adventure, with nature-inspired prints and motifs, minimal logos, and an earthy colour palette.

AW19 fashion trends for men

3. 80s-Inspired Cyber Streetwear

Our third trend for this season mixes the old with the new, combining ‘80s tech graphics with metallic fabrics for a look that’s both futuristic and retro. Think of what you’d wear to fit in on the set of the cult ‘90s movie Hackers, or Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, and you’ll be on the right lines.

AW19 fashion trends for men

4. Primary Colours and Neon Accents

The key palette for autumn winter 2019 is all about clashing primary colours.

Sports branding and university crest style logos are also a key part of this look – think preppy American sportswear and vintage British golfwear in a brighter colour palette.

5. Vintage Mix and Match

Our fifth and final fashion trend for autumn winter 2019 takes vintage prints and motifs, tongue-in-cheek nostalgic slogans, and clashing colours, and throws them all together for a youthful, eclectic, look.

AW19 fashion trends for men

What are the Autumn Winter 2019 Colour Trends For Men?

There are a few key colour themes coming across in the above trends, which you can use to put together your wardrobe for this season.

1. Minimal Monochrome

A minimal palette of white, black, and grey, with accents and typography adding a splash of colour.

AW19 fashion trends for men

2. Futuristic Metallic

Think shiny hi-tech metallic fabrics, and jewel tones of purple and green – violet, lavender, lilac, and jade all make appearances in this colour palette.

AW19 fashion trends for men

3. Alpine Neutrals

Tones from nature and the urban streets combine for a muted colour palette of greens, browns, and greys.

AW19 fashion trends for men

4. Contrasting Primaries

Cobalt blue, crimson red, and canary yellow all worn in the same outfit, for a bold and colourful look. Or use these colours to add pops of colour under a dark suit or black jacket for a more subtle look.

5. ‘80s Neon

Clashing colours with pops of neon and bold graphics make up this colour trend inspired by vintage video games.

AW19 fashion trends for men

6. Vintage Brights

A bright and varied colour palette is faded with age to create a range of tones from mustard yellow to cherry red, with plenty of black, white, and neutrals thrown in for contrast.

AW19 fashion trends for men

What Should You Be Wearing This Autumn and Winter?

The trends to watch out for this season have something for everyone, and with the focus on outerwear it’s easy to stay on-trend by investing in a few key pieces.

It’s worth remembering that while these looks may not always seem easy to translate from the catwalk to the streets, there’s no need to go the whole hog. Adding just a few pieces to your regular outfits can update your wardrobe, and you can get in on the brights and neon colour trends by adding accents to your outfit, rather than dressing head to toe in clashing colours.

Take-Home Message

If you only take one piece of AW19 fashion advice away from what we’ve told you, it’s to make sure you have a puffer jacket!


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